Go Larry!

Apparently George W. Bush, in addition to being a drunken, cocaine snorting, Vietnam dodging, AWOL son of an elitist congressman may have also knocked up an underaged girl and coerced her into getting an abortion, which he allegedly paid for. This was pre-Roe-v-Wade so the procedure was illegal and a felony. Larry Flynt (the porn king publisher of Hustler magazine) brought this story to the spotlight way back in 2000 but it faded when Flynt did not publish a book on Dubya. It has recently resurfaced alongside the Texas Air National Guard AWOL claims. My hope is that a revitalized media will follow up on this story and ask hard questions. If it is true, which I am not claiming, it could destroy Bush in the eyes of the conservative Christians who worship the ground he spits on.

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