The Truth Shall Set You Free

I keep asking the conservatives why they won't just be honest about their hatred of homosexuals but they keep using the disengenous and confusing "sanctity of marriage" argument. It seemed to me that no one admits to hating gay people anymore (hate the sin, love the sinner). Way back in the old days it was much easier to identify and pin down bigots by their cavalier hateful speech when used to describe gays, black, Jews, catholics, women etc. Now they all hide behind the politically correct speech they claim to loathe and buzzwords to communicate their dislike of certain groups. Many still use the hateful terms and epithets but only in the safe company of those with likeminded beliefs. I found a website that still preaches the most hateful intolerant perverse interpretation of the bible I have ever seen. It is not an aryan supremecist site or even some twisted offshoot of Christianity, it is the website of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas. The right reverend pastor Fred Phelps is an old school bigot with no tolerance for "fags" or people like me, "fag enablers". The chilling name of the site is God Hates Fags and it contains some of the most hateful, venomous, violent speach I have ever read. The sickest part of the site is a memorial to Matthew Shepard. Here is the link to the sickest most perverse thing I have ever seen on the internet (be warned it is horribly hateful and sick and paid for by the members of a Baptist congregation in Topeka Kansas). At least this sick fucking evil preacher is truthful about his feelings and those of his congregation (I wonder why the National Convention of Baptist's allow this deviant preacher to spew his bile filled rants under the banner and blessing of the Baptist church?). I am not comparing all Christians to this piece of shit preacher but I want to hear them take this man and his congregation to task for what he claims God and the Bible not only empower him, but also require him to do and say. It is the only Christian thing to do.

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