Right Wing Lies about Kerry

Why do the right wing propragandists lie with impunity? Because most of their listeners believe everything they say without question. The ones who dare to question or criticize their deceptive practices are ridiculed, shouted down or hung up on.

Here is a big lie going around right now: John Kerry hates the military and intelligence community and has voted against important weapons systems time and time again. Mr. Kerry, according the the right wing hacks, would have the American military operating without the B-2 Stealth Bomber, the B-1B, the F-15, the F-16, the M1 Abrams, the Patriot Missile, the AH-64 Apache Helicopter, the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, and the Aegis Air-Defense Cruiser.

Is it true? Does John Kerry want to emasculate the U. S. military and have our boys (and girls) in uniform going into battle with sling shots and dirt clods? No my dear friends. This line of bull the GOP is trying to feed you is the saddest sack of lies and misrepresentations to come down the pike since the last line of bull they threw on the American public.

For an interesting (and truthful) counterpoint to the republican media blitz read this.

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