John O'Neil caught in a lie about Cambodia

During a Hannity and Colmes interview on Tuesday August 24, John O'Neil was asked why he was caught on tape telling Richard Nixon he was in Cambodia during his deployment in Vietnam. O'Neil couldn't answer the question and fumbled about while Sean Hannity tried in vain to help him out. O'Neil has now told three different versions of where he was in Vietnam. He told Nixon he was in Cambodia, he has stated he was on the border of Cambodia and in Print he has denied ever being near Cambodia.

Not that we needed further proof that O'Neil is a liar, but which of his stories is true. If he was in Cambodia, he has lied and defamed Kerry. If he wasn't in Cambodia, he lied to President Nixon. Either way, John O'Neil is caught in a lie again.

Or maybe, at that time in Vietnam, borders were not specific or clearly marked and it was easy for a Swift Boat captain to be mistaken. Maybe.

Naaaahhhh! John O' Neil is a big fat greasy uptight partisan smearmongering liar.

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