Serial Killer or Conservative Talk Show Host?

Compare the typical serial killer's profile to the typical conservative talk show host (CTSH) and see if you can distinguish between them.

The average serial killer is a white male. So is the average CTSH.

Both serial killers and CTSH begin their careers in their mid 20's to early 30's.

The typical serial killer doesn't usually know his victims or have any particular hatred for them personally (though they might be symbolic to him in some way) most of the time...His victims never did anything to hurt him in any way...they are normally strangers to him. Same with CTSH victims.

The superiority the organized serial killer feels leads to a strong need to dominate those around him. He may be prone to violent outbursts much like CTSH.

The serial killer wants to be seen as someone who is attractive and appealing to women. However, his level of sophistication in interacting with women, especially women who are above him in the social strata, is low just like CTSH.

This is a person who will not handle rejection (real or imagined) well, particularly by women, and he will become angry, sullen, and determined to retaliate. Ever notice how much CTSH hate strong women (Hillary, Barbra Streisand, The Dixie Chicks)

There is usually a high degree of redundant violence, or an 'overkill', where the victim is subjected to a disproportionate level of brutality. CTSH are still metaphorically killing Clinton.

There are several types of serial killers. See if you can match your favorite CTSH with the type of serial killer most like him. See answer below.

* Visionaries - Acts in response to voices and is instructed by these voices to perform his acts. Usually schizophrenic and psychotic.

* Missionaries - They think it is their responsibility to rid society of unwanted elements.

* Hedonists - Attack because the act causes them pleasure.

* Thrill - Attack because of a desire for a thrill or experience.

* Gain Killers - Attack and kill for personal gain. The killer premeditates the act to require financial gain or materialistic goods.

* Power Seekers - Kill for the desire to have control over the life and death of others.

*That was a trick quiz. All conservative talk show hosts fit every category.

Maybe it's a good thing conservative radio talk show hosts have been given the relatively non-violent medium in which to act out their power and dominance issues. God only knows how many serial killings could have been prevented had the killers been given access to microphones, multi-million dollar contracts and an audience of adoring morons.

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