They have awakened a sleeping giant...

It's morning in America.

The American public is slowly waking up to the reality of the damage the Bush administration has done to our great country. Americans are slow to anger and quick to forgive but eventually our compassion and tolerance reaches a breaking point. Most were willing to give the controversially elected President a chance. After all, he had promised to be "a uniter, not a divider," and a "compassionate conservative".

He has failed. The man who would be king has proven to be the court jester, with disastrous consequences. A war with no end is decimating our military's morale and it now requires "stop loss" orders and dipping into the inactive ready reserves just to maintain the status quo. The morale of our armed forces has gone from the patriotic fervor of post 9/11 to a barely sustainable forced facade propped up by the laughable chicken hawk's and radio personalities hollow rhetoric.

The outright temerity of this administration to blatantly lie to the American people is finally being spotlighted by a timid media which stood idly by and even propagandized for this administration in the buildup to war. Don't ask don't tell became the motto, not of the military, but of our most cherished Constitutional institution. The press, free to explore and challenge and demand, for the most part stood idly by and reprinted the carefully worded memos and releases pounded out by the administration's pulp writers.

We are waking now. We are being roused by the lives lost, the opportunity squandered and the lies told. It is no longer the fringe element who are asking questions. The unpatriotic label has lost it's adhesive, it's just doesn't stick anymore. Who among us has not been affected? As many Americans brush away the sleep from their eyes, they begin to see, many for the first time, what has happened while they were sleeping. Like some bizarre reverse world, the nightmare begins when we become fully conscious.

I can hear it now. The low rumblings of thunder. The challenge to a patronizing authority. The demands for truth, not only from our leaders but from our media and our neighbors and our friends. No longer content to sit idly by and believe what we are told, Americans now begin to use that sacred document forged of fire so many years ago to defend the weak, to hold to account the powerful and to demand the truth from those who would lead. Your ivory towers are crumbling. Your facade is cracked. We can see behind the curtain.

No longer will we sleep. Lay motionless while our world is diminished. Sit idly by and watch events unfold that we can influence. The time for passivity has long since passed and, like the giant, once awakened, we will not return to our slumber until a change has been wrought, a price paid for the grievous wounds inflicted up us as a nation and healing can begin.

Good morning America.

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