Tweaking Cam

Cam got on to me a few posts back for "outing" Conservative Republican Ed Schrock. He wanted to know why nothing had happened for over a week and why there was no evidence. Well, Ed Schrock has now withdrawn from his re-election campaign for Congress. He has not refuted the allegations nor has he given a reason for his sudden unexpected withdrawal. No evidence you say? How about a tape of Congressman Schrock talking on a gay phone line.

Mr. Schrock's private life should be private right? I mean it's not like he has bashed gays, co-sponsored the Federal Marriage Ammendment, is against gays in the military, has one of the highest ratings from the Christian Coalition, and is one of the most Conservative members of the U. S. House, right. Wrong!!!

He is and has done all of the preceeding things.

His hypocrisy is what is wrong with the so called conservative republicans.

The same website has a breaking story about a prominent New York Democrat being a closeted gay for decades. Ironically enough, this Democrat is now supporting the anti-gay platform of the Bush administration. Even more ironically, he is a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention.

Who is it? Former NY Mayor, Ed Koch.

What about that for fairness Cam, one conservative republican and one old flaming hypocritical Democrat in one week.

The website, is coming out with more outings in the days and weeks to follow. Stay tuned.

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