August Fifth Worst Month for US Deaths in Iraq

Latest casualty figures from Iraq show that August was one of the worst months for US troop deaths since the war began over 19 months ago. 66 US troops were killed in August and an additional 382 were wounded in action (the sixth highest casualties in the last 19 months).

The situation in Iraq appears to be as bad now as it ever was for our troops. Despite rosy predictions and assesments from the Bush administration and their surrogates on a.m. radio, things are not going well in post occupied Iraq. Several recent hostile engagements have contributed to the increase in casualties.

Here are the names of the fallen that won't be honored by the conservative media:

09/04/04 Knott, Eric Seaman E-4 21 U.S. Navy
09/03/04Winchester, Ronald 1st Lieutenant 25 U.S. Marine
09/03/04Rowe, Alan Captain 35 U.S. Marine
09/03/04 Perez, Nicholas Lance Corporal 19 U.S. Marine
09/01/04 Thibodeaux III, Joseph C. Specialist 24 U.S. Army
08/30/04 Holleyman, Aaron N. Staff Sergeant 26 U.S. Army
08/29/04 Anderson Jr., Carl L. A1C 21 U.S. Air Force
08/28/04 Lopez, Edgar E. Sergeant 27 U.S. Marine
08/27/04 Aldrich, Nickalous N. Lance Corporal 21 U.S. Marine
08/27/04 Razani, Omead H. Specialist 19 U.S. Army
08/27/04 Perez, Luis A. PFC 19 U.S. Army Reserve
08/26/04 Skinner, Nicholas M. PFC 20 U.S. Marine
08/26/04 Humlhanz, Barton R. Corporal 23 U.S. Marine

This covers the last 10 days. The average age of these men was 23. I honor these men and the sacrifice they have made. I don't believe they needed to die.

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