Bush Supporters Heckle 70 Year Old Woman (Wonder if it was members of Protest Warrior)


During a speech in Cannonsburg, PA, John Kerry was heckled by a crowd of drunken Bush/Busch supporters. The group shouted and disrupted the Kerry speech continuously but Kerry handled them with ease, cool headedness, intelligence and confidence (you would think he had been under fire before). The low point, for the Bush supporters, came when they continued to shout down a frail 70 year old woman who was trying to speak to the crowd. John Kerry chastised the protesters; "While the Bush people were rudely shouting...a 70-year old woman was trying to tell the story of how she has to go out and work because she needs to take pills." Nice job boys you really made the republicans and your boy George look good.

I wonder how Bush would handle a situation like this? I guess we will never know since any sign of protest at a Bush event, including(gasp!)t-shirt wearing, is quickly shut down.

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