Cam Edwards, Double Agent?

National Rifle Association radio talk show host Cam Edwards is everything a conservative propagandists should be. He is articulate, knowledgeable, antagonistic, sarcastic, critical of all things democratic, likeable (if you are a conservative) and he has a good voice.

His story is the usual rags to riches tale of a young cub Oklahoma radio reporter who worked his way into his own talk show. His show became more conservative as time went by and he was soon the number one drive time AM host in Oklahoma City. Early this year, he got the call up to the big leagues. He is now the host of the NRA web show that is available nationally on the internet and on satellite radio.

My question is this. Is it possible that Cam is working as a double agent? Some facts lead me to believe that he may be.

Cam has stated (or not stated) several things in the past which make it hard to reconcile his on air opinions and his personal experiences. His mother, for instance, is a rabidly pro-democrat Michael Moore fan. His wife is a Democrat. Prior to getting his gig with NRA, I never heard Cam mention guns, gun control, hunting, Waco or any of the other standard rhetoric normally associated with the "from my cold dead hand" crowd.

All of this is anecdotal and not worth the bandwidth it is taking up but there is one more thing. Twice now, I have jokingly stated that Cam may be working undercover for my side. Each time it has been met with an over reaction on his part. Just yesterday, I floated the idea again that if Cam was a double agent and he had infiltrated the right wing cabal, he would be guaranteed millions from a book published on his experience.

He almost immediately disabled the comments section on his website. He stated it was because of spam and a continuing back and forth between me and an antagonistic asshole named Kevin.

Wouldn't it be an incredible story (I know, I would buy the book) If Cam Edwards, or anyone else, could infiltrate, witness the firsthand goings on of the right wing media and shed some harsh light on the techniques and cooperation from our republican dominated government? Something like that may very well damage this dangerous propaganda machine beyond repair.

I realize by stating this publicly that I may well destroy the undercover operation (much like Robert Novak did to Valerie Plame) but I am willing to take that chance. Cam is too good at what he does to allow him to endanger the future of this country by convincing people (in direct contradiction to the evidence at hand) that Bush is a good president worthy of re-election. The only logical explanation for his bizarre statements and behavior is that he is a double agent and is trying to see how extreme and ridiculous he can act and still have the full support of the right wing community.

You the man, Cam. I can't wait for the book.

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