CBS Documents Authenticity an "absoulute certainty"

Despite a flurry of allegations, amateur sleuthing and conspiracy theories in the blogosphere, CBS News stands by the documents as authentic which showed President Bush did not fulfill his obligation to the Texas Air National Guard and, in fact, pulled strings to get out of it.

From the Washington Post:

A senior CBS official, who asked not to be named because CBS managers did not want to go beyond their official statement, named one of the network's sources as retired Maj. Gen. Bobby W. Hodges, the immediate superior of the documents' alleged author, Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian. He said a CBS reporter read the documents to Hodges over the phone and Hodges replied that "these are the things that Killian had expressed to me at the time."


Link to the CBS report of the authenticity of the documents -

Just click and wait, the report will begin automatically.

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