Frankly, Larry Stein is a Crude Little Wimp

*****Editor's note: I have updated this story to remove some of the colorful language I originally used. I was angry when I wrote this piece and even though, as our Vice President says, it made me feel better at the time, it was not appropriate and it may have offended some of my readers. I apologize for that. I do not apologize for being critical of the two people who are paid to broadcast over the public airwaves making disparaging remarks about a family who was burned to death or mocking and ridiculing an 87 year old woman. Shame on them and shame on Citadel Communications for giving them a forum from which to do it.******

Local Oklahoma City AM radio talk show host and assistant county assessor Larry Stein is normally just a strangely effeminate moron who occupies my commute to and from work. He, along with washed up FM DJ Mark Shannon, now host the vacuous and insulting Shannon and Stein Show from 6:00 am to 9:00 am on WKY radio (AM 930).

Stein acts as Shannon's little sidekick during the morning assault on the senses that is filled with homophobia, bigotry, personal vendettas and other conservative Christian values. Normally the foppish Stein is just the human laugh track to Shannon's incredibly mean and vitriolic attacks on whatever minority, politician or person who has rankled the stereotypical mean old man (You kids stay outta my yard!!!) but today Stein was in rare form. He not only managed to mock a family of six who were killed in a house fire implying that they were too stupid to get out of the burning home and saying they were to blame for their own deaths but he and Shannon went on hang up on and insult an 87 year old lady who called in to rebuke them for their meanness.

I called in shortly after to ask them why they felt the need to mock, insult and pillory those who called in to disagree with them. They mumbled some incoherent nonsense. attacked me and then tried to rationalize what they had done. I then suggested that someone should come up to the radio station parking lot, meet Stein in person and "whip his puny ass". They hung up on me and then Stein, big brave boy that he is, said he carried a gun for just such incidents.

If you don't think it is appropriate to make fun of an entire family burning to death or to mock and insult the elderly, here are some contacts to voice your complaints:

WKY Supertalk 930
4045 Northwest 64th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(This information is for letter writing purposes only-Do not go here at 9:05 and wait for Stein to get off work to whip his puny ass)
(405) 460-0959 Office
(405) 460-8255 On Air line

Larry Stein Assistant County Assessor
(Call this county employee in person to let him know what you think)
320 Robert S. Kerr, Suite 313
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone Number (405) 713-1201

The Oklahoman (Newspaper-Stein has column)
(405) 478-7171
9000 Broadway Extension, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Here is a story about the "stupid" family who died:

'Burglar bars' kept family, neighbor from fleeing fire

By Susan Parrott
The Oklahoman

While flames engulfed the front entrance to their southeast Oklahoma City house Sunday morning, Connie Somers-Wilder called frantically for her children to run to the garage exit. Burglar bars prohibited escape through windows in the house.

“Where’s Daneel? Do you have Leisylle?” she screams on a tape of the 911 call to the fire department.

As she excitedly tells the dispatcher they are getting out of the house, she begins coughing and says she is choking. She then goes silent.

Firefighters found the family of five and a teenage neighbor dead in the garage, their path obstructed by suffocating smoke and a blocked door.

“We summarize it may have been blocked because they were in the process of moving and they were overcome,” fire Maj. Brian Stanaland said.

Dead are Oliver “Jack” and Connie Somers-Wilder, ages 63 and 48, respectively, and their children, Daneel, 19; Leisylle, 17; and Aimy, 12; and neighbor Kayla Hayes, 15.
Hayes, who had spent the night at the Somers-Wilder home, lived down the street.
Oklahoma City firefighters spent the day Monday sifting through the rubble at 5109 S Madera Terrace.

Stanaland said it is the city’s deadliest house fire, according to records. No cause has been determined, and investigators don’t know yet whether there were working smoke detectors in the home. The state medical examiner’s office reported the victims died of smoke inhalation.

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