Kerry Beats Bush

In tonight's debate, John Kerry stepped up to the plate and gave an incredibly strong, articulate and educated performance. In his speech and manner Kerry came across as the more diplomatic and presidential of the two candidates. Bush, on the other hand seemed confused, repeated himself often and was incapable of voicing anything more than the stump speech talking points over and over.

I watched the debates on several different channels to see the difference between the coverage. C-Span had a split screen of the candidates during the entire debate. Bush was fidgety, slouched and made faces while Kerry was speaking. Kerry stood upright, listened and looked directly at Bush. He smiled and responded in to charges from Bush by taking notes and smiling. Bush looked angry and frustrated.

Bush broke the rules his campaign had forced upon the debates by repeatedly demanding a 30 second rebuttal to a rebuttal. He did it on at least 4 occasions. He could not even follow his own rules. When he got his 30 seconds, he had nothing new to say.

I watched a portion of the debates on CNN FN and they had a live real time reaction of an audience watching the debates. Women and men were tracked separately for their reactions to the candidates. While I watched (about the last 40 minutes, Bush was consistently rated lower than Kerry. The tracking was based on a scale of 1-10 and Bush stayed generally in the 6-7 range while Kerry scored in the 7-8.5 range. This was a consistent result during the entire time I watched. While Kerry spoke the tracking line would rise, then when Bush spoke you could see it fall dramatically.

From the limited post-debate coverage I have watched, Kerry is being touted as the clear winner. Except for Fox News which is covering it in it's usual non-partisan "Bush Rulz" way.

Even Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, gave Kerry a resolute and clear victory on tonight's performance.

With two more of these to go, Bush is in trouble. The more people see of an unscripted stumbling, slouching, angry, pouting Bush, the less they will like him.

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