Mother of Dead Soldier Arrested
The mother of a soldier killed in Iraq was arrested for talking to reporters outside a GOP rally, a rally she had a ticket for. The woman, Sue Niederer, of Pennington, N.J., mother of 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin, who was killed in action in Iraq on Feb. 3 was escorted out of the event in Hamilton New Jersey after she interrupted Laura Bush's speech. Mrs. Niederer, wearing a t-shirt which said "President Bush You Killed My Son", stood up in the crowd of 700 and demanded to know why her son was killed in Iraq. The crowd began shouting "four more years" and Mrs. Bush responded, incorrectly, that the woman had lost a son on 9/11.

She was escorted out of the event by secret service agents and local police. Once outside, Mrs. Niederer was calmly giving a statement to a throng of reporters when local police approached her and told her to leave. She refused and was forcibly handcuffed and dragged into a police van.

The reporters seemed stunned at the treatment of this woman by police and several asked why she was being arrested.

Mrs. Neiderer later made a statement to reporters and said that she had sent a letter to Bush asking about her son's death. All she received in response was a request for a donation to the Bush/Cheney campaign.

During World War II, the US Government gave mother's of soldiers who died gold stars to put in their windows. They became known as Gold Star Mothers. Their sacrifice was honored and deeply respected. I guess, under Bush's leadership we need to revise and rename this group: How does the Silver Cuff Mothers sound?

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