Protest Warriors-1st Ammendment Proponents or Cowards

The group Protest Warriors has recently come to my attention. This group of mostly young college age men, goes to legitimate legal protests and mocks and ridicules the protesters there. They try to instigate violence by getting in the faces of protesters and compelling a fight. They then tape and edit their encounters and post them on their website where they sell them to other right wing morons for profit.

There is an excellent Protest Warrior debunking here. The person doing the debunking is a Marine who fought in the first Gulf war. He was ridiculed, attacked, slandered and his personal information was exposed for using the same tactics the Protest Warriors use. Apparently Protest Warriors are hypocrites as well as cowards.

Protest Warrior prides itself on being a defender of free speech and an alternative to the dangerous left wing radicals. The tactics they claim are protected under the First Ammendment are really just a ruse for disrupting and mocking protesters who are truly exercising their freedom of speech rights.

From reading some of the posts on their website, they are also very anti-gay, racist and violent. They seem to advocate the use of weapons and violence against demonstraters, not overtly of course but the undertones are definately there.

From the site:

Welcome to ProtestWarrior.com, a website created to help arm the liberty-loving Silent Majority with ammo...

The thing I wonder is this; if the young men who are members of Protest Warrior are so fired up about defending America against people they consider enemies, why aren't they in uniform fighting in Iraq? The group uses military terminology (Operation Wolverine, missions, warriors etc.) but, it appears that is where the love of the military stops. They are like little boys who like to play dress up and talk tough but when it comes to laying their asses on the line in real combat, or making a true sacrifice of a commitment to the military, they would rather stay home and poke fun at peaceful protesters. Very brave boys.

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