Republicans-The Real Party of Inclusion?

Alot of hot gaseous coffee tainted breathy halitosis has been expelled today touting the virtues of the Republican Party. The right wing pundits and the AM radio talk jocks have enlighted me with previously unknown facts about the party they love. I was unaware, until today, that Republicans don't discriminate against people on the basis of their race, religion, sex, sexual preference or any other criteria that they have been previously accused of ignoring or harboring hatred for. You could have knocked me over with a brightly colored boa. Where did I get the idea that Republicans were the party of intolerance. Musta been that damn liberal media.

Now that I know the Republican party is one of loving acceptance and non-judgemental support, I feel foolish for all of my pre-conceived prejudices.

There are a few more things that would completely clear up this issue. Just some questions I would like answered. If the Republican party is the party of inclusiveness, how do you explain this?

1. How many black Republicans are currently serving as members of the US House or Senate? Answer: 0 (There are 39 black Democrats)

2. How many Hispanic Republicans are currently serving as members of the US House or Senate? Answer 5 (There are 20 Hispanic Democrats)

3. How many openly gay elected federal, state and local officials are Republican? Answer: 11 (There are 207 Democrats)

NUMBERS: Of 511,039 elected federal, state and local officials, 218 are openly gay or lesbian. Of the group, 149 are men, 69 women; 207 are Democrats, 11 Republicans. Three serve in the U.S. House, 47 are state legislators, and the rest are local officials.

4. How many Republican Asian or Pacific Islanders currently serve in the US House or Senate? Answer: 0 (There are 5 Democrats in the House and 2 Democrats in the Senate)

5. How many Republican women currently serve in the US House? Answer: 21 (There are 41 Democratic women serving)

6. How many Republican women currently serve in the US Senate: Answer 5 (There are 9 Democratic women Senators)

It appears that Republican tent is smaller than they thought. Minorities are represented in our government by their own people by a 320% greater margin in the Democratic party over the Republicans.

Just like the olympics, every 4 years the Republican party becomes inclusive and compassionate. But just like the olympics, that torch is only lit for a few weeks and then rapidly extinguished. It is nice that the Republicans pretend to be like Democrats but it will take a little less talk and a lot more action to reach the standard of inclusiveness set by the Democrats. Keep reaching.

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