Scott Rasmussen Debunks Time Poll

Scott Rasmussen, founder of Rasmussen Reports, slams the Times poll as using unreliable and biased methodology. The poll, according to Rasmussen is 9% points off, and the when the mistakes are factored out, Kerry and Bush are in a statistical dead heat.

Scott's Page by Scott Rasmussen...September 4, 2004---

Time Magazine Shows Bush by 11..."A Time magazine poll released yesterday shows Bush up by 11 points. However, that poll appears to have the mirror image problem of a Los Angeles Times poll reportedly showing Kerry with a huge lead in June. As I discussed earlier in this page, the LA Times included too many Democrats in their sample. Today, it seems clear that Time Magazine included too many Republicans."

"Time reports that Republicans will vote for Bush by a 89% to 9% margin; Democrats for Kerry by 80% to 9% margin; and, unaffiliated voters for Bush 43% to 39%. When I apply some reasonable assumptions about partisan turnout (35%R to 39%D), the Time results show Bush up by about 3 percentage points. That's very close to the Rasmussen Reports data and where I believe the race stands today." Scott Rasmussen concluded.

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