Separation of Church and State No More

Political pressure is building on a powerful House lawmaker to remove the so-called IRS “muzzle” that prevents religious leaders from endorsing political candidates from the pulpit.

Frustrated that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Bill Thomas (R-Calif.) essentially rejected House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert’s (R- Ill.) request in June to change the tax code on this issue, 131 House lawmakers are pressing the Speaker to act before the 108th Congress adjourns.

In a letter that was quietly delivered to Hastert before the summer congressional recess, the lawmakers claimed that the House “lost an ideal opportunity” when it failed to change the IRS policy in the corporate tax reform bill that passed the chamber June 17.

The bill is set to go to conference, and many key players on and off Capitol Hill want Thomas to agree to IRS policy changes before Congress votes on the merged measure...

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If you don't think your church should be in the business of endorsing political candidates and vice versa, please click on the picture below and sign the petition.

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