Sit your ass down!

A man with ties to the Bush administration and the Swift Boat Liars for Bush was smacked down by some fed up union men at a speech by Kerry today.

Police said 48-year-old Michael Russell of Foster, Kentucky, complained that his neck was hurt by a man who put him in a headlock after Russell started to yell about Kerry's allegation of war atrocities after returning from Navy service in Vietnam.

MSNBC reported that Michael Russell was a 2000 county election campaign chairman for the Bush campaign.

It appears that people are fed up with the tactics of Bush's goons and many think it is time to fight back, physically if necessary.

Hey, at least they didn't kick the guy in the head while he was on the ground like that upstanding young republican did to the restrained female protestor at the RNC.

By the way, according to my math, Mr. Russel was 16 years old when Vietnam ended. What the hell is he doing representing the SBLfB as their spokesman?

Carry on Conservative Fighters.

Help me Mommy...

Here, let me answer your question

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