Zell Miller is...

a sad pathetic turncoat. I hope it was worth it Zell. You were once a Democrat, now you are a transmogrified old turd with no loyalty or dedication to the party you claim to love. If you had any decency, you would switch parties but another old white decrepid piece of offal like you would not stand out amongst the rest of the dried up windbags on the Republican side.

As a self professed disenfrachised Democrat, you get the spotlight one more time in your rapidly fading career and life. You went from a postscript in the Democratic party to the tap dancing shucking and jiving star of the Republicans. You are little better than the house boys of the old southern plantations, you would be more comfortable living in, waiting to turn in the field hands for some percieved transgression so the master of the house would shine done his favor upon you.

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