Packers win, Bush Loses

Forget your Scholastic poll and your halloween mask poll, the most accurate and longest running non-political predictor of elections has unfolded. For almost 70 years, the Washington Redskins last home game before the election has predicted the presidential winner. If they win, so does the incumbent. If they lose, the challenger wins.

It has never been wrong.

Today, the Washington Redskins met the Green Bay Packers and were soundly defeated by said Packers. The ironic similarities between the election and the game are spooky. Wisconsin, a swing state is the home of the Packers. It has been hit hard by job losses and a bad economy which has not improved under Bush. The Redskins are based in Washington. The game was close a few times and once the Redskins appeared to have tied it up, but the touchdown was reversed for "illegal procedure".

This is what I have been predicting for the presidential election. A close call up to the actual election, an attempt to cheat and steal the election by the republicans and an eventual clear win by Kerry. Man, I love football.

In the end the Packers won 28-14. There is no need to even go vote if you support Bush. This election is over, baby!



and now a message from your president...

My fellow Americans. To those of you who think that I should take responsibility for all of the terrible things I have done to mess up this country...

George W. Bush - Restoring dignity to America



The new Osama tape today reminds me of something...what was it? It is right on the tip of my tongue...darned old age creeping up on me. I know there was something I wanted to remember. Gosh, I am getting more presidential everyday. What in the heck was it? Oh yeah, I remember-


It has been 1144 days since those planes crashed into the World Trade Towers, The Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. Bush has had his chance to seek justice for these crimes and he has failed. Vote him out on November 2.

Kerry in a Landslide

I have felt it for a few weeks now. The tide has turned. The momentum has reached critical mass. The end of the reign of Bush II. How will the republicans take it? Not well, I fear. They will whine and cry and stomp their feet when their saviour is thrown out like yesterday's garbage. Onto the dust pile of history.

How do you feel?



Good Boy!!!!

What will it take?

In the last two days, the American people have learned that our resident President has; pushed back a request until after the election for 70 billion more of our hard earned money to continue funding the downward spiraling occupation of Iraq, failed to secure, and subsequently lost to our enemies, 380 tons of high explosives in Iraq (contrary to the right wing spin this material was not gone prior to the invasion), alienated Iraqi PM Allawi by not providing security for his military trainees (resulting in the massacre of 48 of them) and paid for republican thugs to intimidate voters at the polling booths.

7 more days until the end of an error. I believe with all of my heart that Bush will lose this election . The majority of my countrymen are too smart to let this little failure of a man further damage our country. I also believe that Karl Rove will use every dirty trick and lawyer at his disposal to postpone the inevitable failure that is the hallmark of George W. Bush's life. The only difference is, this time we will not sit idly by while the circumstances that affect our lives are conducted. We will win and then fight, if neccessary, for our victory.

A word to the opposition: Don't try it again. Just don't.


This is one of the most powerful political critiques I have ever seen. And it is an animated video. And it is by Eminem. I wonder if MTV has the balls to play it?


Request this video on MTV TRL by clicking: Here

(Scroll down, the artists are listed alphabetically by name. Click on Eminem Mosh and fill out the info)



On the Campaign Trail

Well, not really. I went to Louisiana last weekend to help my father with a house addition. I drove about 500 miles through rural areas in Texas and Louisiana.

What did I learn?

Oklahoma has more overt Kerry support than Texas. Texas has more than Louisiana. Louisiana doesn't have much. I have seen a red state an it is Louisiana. I was almost askeered to drive my truck with my John Kerry and DemocraticUndergruond.com ...not really. Conservative Fighter is not askeered of republicans or conservatives no matter how closesly they resemble the backwoods inhabitants of deliverance.

It was strange talking to my family there. Most don't support Bush but they still don't like Kerry. My grandmother is not voting for President this year. My father only watches Fox news. It is shocking how good the republicans are at character assasination. They have truly covinced some very good people that a very good man is very bad. Shame on them.

Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. I don't think so. On November 2nd, the republicans are going to get a piping hot helping of whoop ass courtesy of the Democrats and John Kerry. I hope it gives them heartburn for the next 4 years.

A Sign of the Apocolypse?

A country and western song against George W. Bush is out. Listen to it here:

Takin' My Country Back

Tired of the impression that all country music fans and musicians supported the Bush administration, a group of people, Honky Tonkers for Truth, got together to set the record straight and take back country music from one sided partisans like Toby Keith and, one hit wonder, Darryl Worley. The Honky Tonkers message is you can love your country, flag and God and still oppose the President even if he is a rhinestone cowboy.

Written by David Kent and sung by Tony Stampley (son of Country legend Joe Stampley) this song is not just a protest or lefty country anamoly, is it a kickass country song. I grew up in the country listening to the songs my dad liked and I think he would like this one.

I would love to hear this one played on my local country music stations but I seriously doubt it will. It won't stop me from calling and requesting it though.

Go to the page, listen to the song and contact your local station to see if you can get this played. Download it, burn it to disc (it is free until November 2nd) and play it full blast with your windows rolled down.



Triumph the Insult Comic Dog for First Pet

Go here to see the funniest coverage of the last debate and spin alley.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

An open letter from George W. Bush

Dear America,

This is your President, George W. Bush. I am writing to you today to ask that you vote in the presidential election on November 2, 2004. There has never been a more important election in our nation's history.

I know there are a lot of people out there who think that this election has gotten too dirty and mean. I agree. But I hope that this will inspire more people to come to the polls and do their patriotic duty.

Although America has been through many terrible things since I have been President and the great people of this country have had to make many difficult decisions, I am going to ask you to make one more hard choice on this election; don't vote for me.

I am serious folks. I do not want to be your President anymore. Being the President of the United States is hard work. REALLY HARD. It is so much harder than I thought it was going to be (especially the campaigning part where people sometimes ask me questions I haven't been given in advance).

This job is the hardest one I have ever had and I don't like it. Have you seen me lately? My hair is grey and messed up most of the time. My face looks like a nervous teenager's on prom night. I can't stop blinking and my mind is acting all crazy. Did you know that before I was President, I could talk really good? Used big words right and everything. Not anymore. My head hurts all of the time and my hands shake a lot. I keep telling Dick I need to see a different doctor than the one that gives me the shots everyday. He says they will make me feel better but they don't, they just make me kind of groggy and then I forget big spots of my day.

I have been thinking about drinking, a lot. Most of my day is now spent remembering how good it felt to get all fuzzy and forget about life for a while. Sometimes I even sneak into the Whitehouse kitchen late at night and take a few nips of the cooking sherry but someone always comes in and says, "Can I help you, Mr. President?" but they leave me alone in the bathroom, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, I was saying I don't want to be President and I mean it. I am really a nice guy. I kinda joke with people and make up names for them and that's all I thought this was going to be. Then those darn terrorist folks went and attacked us. That screwed up my whole life, I gotta tell ya. Then I became a war President and all these grumpy fellas in the Whitehouse started telling me to do this and that. They said people would like me better if we attacked Iraq and I believed 'em. But you know what? They didn't.

People say really bad things about me all the time. Make movies saying I am terrible and people cheer. I get woke up all the time and my guys tell me bad news. Sometimes I can't go back to sleep. I start thinking about all those young men and women dying in Iraq and sometimes, I feel really guilty. Sometimes.

They keep telling me it's going to get better and they tell me to say what is written in my speeches. I usually don't pay attention to what I am reading but lately I have some. Some of the things I say are so wrong and I know they aren't true, but the people who they let in to see me just cheer and yell "Four more years," and every time I think, man I sure hope not.

Anyway, just do me a favor if you still like me and especially if you don't. Vote for John Kerry or that weird eye Ralph fella. There is a whole bunch more people trying to get this job (that I will never understand) but I can't remember their names. John Kerry is my favorite, he really seems smart and knowledgeable about a lot of things. He is mean to me sometimes but the stuff he says is always true (just between you and me).

I heard that an ex-president in this country makes half the money but doesn't have to do any of the work. That is the job I have been searching for my whole life. They also tell me that people will pay to hear me talk about stuff. Have you heard me talk lately? I could be making $100,000 per speech believe me I am not making that now. Book publishers will also pay me big bucks for a book and I don't even have to write it. People can buy me houses and cars and all sorts of nice things when I am NOT President anymore. I gotta tell ya, that is a much better deal.

In closing I would like to say it has been great being your President. But it hasn't. It is hard and I don't like it one bit. Please don't vote for me this time. I don't want it and neither do a lot of you. This country will be so much better without me running it, and so will I.

Thank you for your time and don't forget to vote...for someone else. Oh yeah, and God bless America.

George W. Bush
The President of America
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC

p.s. I am not kidding. Don't vote for me. I think I will go crazy if I have to do this again. Really, really crazy.



Kerry Leads National Poll by 17 Points

Presumptive President, John F. Kerry leads the possibly mentally ill George W. Bush by 17 points in a poll conducted over the last two nights by new polling company CFP, Inc.

President and CEO of CFP, Steven Vincent, said, "I think this clearly shows that John Kerry will win the election in a landslide."

Mr. Vincent further stated that there were some irregularities during the polling which indicated that George W. Bush supporters are blatant cheaters and will do anything to win this election. "They Cheat. They are the biggest bunch of low-life, scum sucking cheating cry babies I have ever seen. Bush supporters attempted to circumvent security built into the system by repeat voting and disguising their identitites," said Mr. Vincent, "But we were able to circumvent their pathetic attempts to steal the poll by monitoring and updating our security procedures in real time."

Mr. Vincent went on to state, "This is probably a preview of what America will face in the actual election. Republicans will cheat and try to steal with sophomoric and juvenile tactics but the American people will shut them down."

The poll had a margin of error of +/- 3.5% meaning Kerry still will still win in a landslide.

Results of the poll:

Who are you voting for?

John F. Kerry (War Hero) (157) 57%
Ralph Nader (Nutjob) (9) 3%
George W. Bush (Lying Chickenhawk) (110) 40%



Conservative Paper Refuses to Endorse Bush

The conservative Florida paper, The Tampa Tribune, has decided not to endorse President Bush, even though it wholeheartedly did in 2000. The paper, which has supported and endorsed every Republican candidate since Dwight D. Eisenhower, articulately states a laundry list of reasons why it can't support Bush.

This non-endorsement is an example of the President losing his base of support from true conservatives and could spell trouble for his election chances.

The littany of complaints against Bush goes on and on. From his "overstating evidence" about Iraq's WMD to his super secret policies and his huge deficit spending. This paper devastatingly points out serious flaws of President Bush.

By the way, they don't support Kerry either but from the tone of the editorial I believe they are saying it is better to have an unknown with a possibility of success than a known with a record of failure.

From the Editorial:

An American president should take the country to war only as a last resort, only after exhausting every diplomatic channel and only after asking demanding questions and weighing concrete evidence. On the Iraq war, President Bush failed on all counts.

Hear that Floridians? Even your conservative newspaper cannot bring itself to support this miserable failure of a president.

2 Weeks and the Madness Ends

With only two weeks left to go, this election seems to have been the longest in my memory. People I talk to everywhere say they are tired of the sniping, petty and mean spirited ads on both sides. I even had a hardcore conservative Christian tell me he would vote for Kerry if the election would end that day (he then took it back and, I am sure, committed self flagellation for his blasphemy).

I am tired. I am sick of the media spin. I am ready for Bush to lose and this long nightmare to be over. I do believe Kerry will win and I think the numbers will surprise alot of people. I also believe Bush and his team of cheaters will do everything they can to win back the election after they lose it.

I don't think they will go gently into that good night.



Absolutely the best compilation of Anti-Bush videos anywhere.

The Bush Videos

New from BushCo all of your favorite moments from the Bush Administration. You get all the hits like:

Bill Maher on Bush - "New rule. You can't run on a mistake."

Tim Ryan on Bush - "Not one thing told to the American people...has been true."

Bushisms -

"They never stop thinking of ways to hurt our country...and neither do we."

"Fool me once...shame on, shame on you?"

Bush Lies -

"I never said that. That is one of those exa-ger-ations"

"I am not that concerned about him (Osama "Dead or Alive" Bin Laden)

"The American people are safer."

"This economy is strong, it is getting stronger."

Order today and recieve 7.6 trillion dollars in national debt and an unending war in the wrong country.

Only available if Bush is not re-elected. Parody of this kind will be outlawed under a second Bush administration. Void where prohibited.



''The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters, It would have caused them to crash."

3 days after a platoon of soldiers in Iraq refused to deliver helicopter fuel they claim was tainted, two helicopters crashed in Iraq, killing 2 soldiers and wounding 2 more.

Some in the platoon had told relatives they refused to deliver tainted helicopter fuel in poorly maintained vehicles by traveling a dangerous supply route without an armed escort.
Harold Casey said his grandson, Justin Rogers, 22, called him Saturday to tell him that he and other soldiers were put under armed guard after refusing to deliver the supplies.
''The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters,'' Casey said his grandson told him. ''It would have caused them to crash. ... They saved lives.''

Soldier's Story


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Two Army helicopters crashed late Saturday in Baghdad, killing two American soldiers and wounding two others, the U.S. command said.
The Army helicopters went down about 8:30 p.m. in southwestern Baghdad, the 1st Cavalry Division said. The division said the cause of the crashes had not been determined.

Helicopter Crash


Anyone see a link between these two stories?

A group of 17 soldiers refuses to deliver tainted fuel because they believe it is unsafe to use in helicopters and a 3 days later, two helicopters crash for unknown reasons.

This administration is killing our troops and arresting the ones who refuse to be accessories to their compatriots murders.

Someone in the media needs to link these two stories and start investigating.

Jon Stewart Rocks Crossfire

In one of the most refreshing journalistic forays I have seen in a long time, Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, appeared on the CNN program Crossfire with Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson. What took place in those 15 minutes was television history. Jon Stewart, there to promote his new book, America, instead chose to lambaste the pompous hosts for "hurting America" and being "partisan Hacks".

The complete transcript is here:

"...and you are as big a dick here as you are on other shows."

A video link is here:

Jon Stewart on Crossfire kicking Tucker Carlson's Ass

It is a sad commentary on the media in America when the most honest refreshing and outspoken political voice belongs to a man who's show is preceded by puppets that make prank phone calls.

Contact Sinclair Advertisers

Here is an easy way to voice your disapproval of Sinclair Broadcast Group's attempt to influence the Presidential election.

Go here: http://www.grassrootsnation.com/sinclair

At this site, you can fill out one simple form that is e-mailed to over a hundred Sinclair advertisers. Several advertisers have already decided to spend their money elsewhere.

You can use either the form letter or write your own. It only takes a few seconds.

Here is what I wrote:

As a consumer and a television viewer I am aware of the strong link between advertisers and media outlets. I am further aware of my power to communicate my feelings about programming to the people and companies who contribute the financial means that make television stations profitable. That is what I am doing with this e-mail.

I want to let you know that if you chose to use your advertising dollars to support Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. in it's blatantly partisan effort to smear John Kerry by airing the documentary "Stolen Honor", I will no longer use your product or service. I will watch the program to make note of which advertisers support this unethical attempt to influence the presidential election.

After I list those endorsing advertisers, I will contact the advertisers and let them know I will not be using their products or services ever again. I will then post a list on my web site encouraging my hundreds of readers to do the same. I will make a point of telling every one in my large circle of family and friends to do the same.

Sinclair may or may not be acting within the bounds of law, that is still to be determined, but I will act to hold advertisers accountable for the content of the programs they endorse.

Please join people of good conscience in not supporting Sinclair. They have chosen to act in a partisan manner, I hope you will not follow.



What is wrong with President Bush?

I watched the debate last night and was bothered by something that no one on the right and not too many people on the left are talking about. What is wrong with the President? I don't mean his foreign policy failures or his infantile belief in his tax cut and spend economic stimulus package, I mean physically. Something is seriously physically wrong with the President of the United States of America.

Watching him attempt to take on John Kerry last night as he slipped into his third persona in as many debates, I began to be very concerned for the physical well being of a fellow human.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't like Bush. I think he is the worst president in my memory. I also think he is not the "common man" his advisors would like us real commoners to believe he is. George W. Bush is the stereotypical rich kid, born, as Ann Richards (former governor of Texas) pointed out, with a silver foot in his mouth. He is an arrogant, intellectual ignorant, cocksure policy simpleton who has allowed religious and neoconservative idealogues run roughshod over his presidency.

No sir, I don't like him one bit. But...he is still a human being, one of my fellow men and, as such, deserves my compassion and sympathy if he is suffering.

The President has had a noticeable degradation in his speaking ability. He has detoriorated to the point that it is often uncomfortable to watch him attempt to answer questions without the aid of teleprompters. His speech defects have been played down by his handlers and actually promoted as a sign that he is a simple man who speaks plainly. The first debate was painful to watch, the second better. The third one presented a situation that inspired a whole new level of concern.

The first thing I noticed last night was that President Bush's face had a noticeable droop on the left side. The entire left side of his mouth was pulled down and it did not change no matter what expression he made. He was also apparently drooling and had to wipe his mouth several times during the debate. He seemed very thirsty and he also produced copious amounts of spittle on both sides of his mouth. He blinked constantly. His speech was slurred, worse some times than others. I am no doctor but these symptoms would seem to indicate a need for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Surely the President of the United States has access to the best medical care in the world. If something is seriously wrong with President Bush, his doctors would discover it and treat it, right? Wrong. At least publicly. The President has postponed his normal medical checkup this year until after the election. For the past three years, President Bush has had a medical checkup like clockwork every October. The results of this physical are then distributed to the media who then disseminate it to the public. Not this year.

The internet has made amateur diagnosticians of all of us. The ease of use and 24 hour availability makes it the first place to go for the identification of symptoms, so that is where I went.

From the information available (i.e. physical description of symptoms) I have been able to identify the following conditions:

Aphasia - Aphasia is a language disorder caused by damage to the temporal lobe or higher up in the frontal lobe. It causes problems with receptive and expressive functions. Aphasia is an impairment in understanding and/or formulating complex, meaningful elements of language. It causes problems with words and word order making difficulties in reading and writing.

Behaviors of Aphasic Patients

1. Anomia-problem with word finding. They know what they want to say but can't find the words to say it. Sometimes they can be cued or recall by gestures.
2. Paraphasia-use of word substitutions; may use a word that sounds like the target word, or may use a word that means something similar.
3. Neologism-Use made-up words confidently as though they were the correct word.
4. Agrammatism-Leave out the function words, use broken speech; common in non-fluent aphasic patients.
5. Jargon-Convincing, fluent speech; irrelevant and has no meaning.
6. Verbal Stereotypes-have a few words or sentences that they use over and over again to answer every question.

Another diagnosis may be:

Acute Idiopathic Facial Palsy

Bell's palsy is a disorder caused by damage to cranial nerve VII, involving sudden facial drooping and decreased ability to move the face.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors Return to top

Bell's palsy is an acute form of cranial mononeuropathy VII, and it is the most common form of this type of nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy). Statistics indicate that the disorder affects approximately 2 in 10,000 people. However, the actual incidence is likely to be much higher (around 1 in 500 to 1 in 1,000).

The disorder is a mononeuropathy (involvement of a single nerve) that damages the seventh cranial (facial) nerve, the nerve that controls movement of the muscles of the face. The cause is often not clear, although herpes infections may be involved.

The disorder is presumed to be associated with inflammation of the facial nerve where it travels through the bones of the skull. It may also be caused by head injury, tumor, hypertension, sarcoidosis, Lyme disease, or infarction (tissue death) of the nerve.


* Pain
o Behind ear
o In front of ear
o May precede weakness of facial muscles by 1-2 days
* Loss of taste
* Sensitivity to sound (hyperacusis) on the affected side
* Headache
* Face feels stiff
* Face feels pulled to one side
* Difficulty with eating and drinking
* Change in facial appearance
o Facial droop
o Difficulty with facial expressions, grimacing
* Facial paralysis of one side of the face
o Difficulty closing one eye
o Difficulty with fine facial movements
* Drooling due to inability to control facial muscles
* Dry eye secondary to being unable to close eye properly because of facial

Herpes Zoster Oticus (Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome)-

Ramsay Hunt syndrome, also called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome type II, is a common complication of shingles. Shingles is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which is the virus that causes chickenpox. Shingles occurs in people who have had chickenpox and represents a reactivation of the dormant varicella-zoster virus. Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which is caused by the spread of the varicella-zoster virus to facial nerves, is characterized by intense ear pain, a rash around the ear, mouth, face, neck, and scalp, and paralysis of facial nerves. Other symptoms may include hearing loss, vertigo (abnormal sensation of movement), and tinnitus (abnormal sounds). Taste loss in the tongue and dry mouth and eyes may also occur.

The worst possible dignosis would be:

Pre-Senile Dementia (early onset Alzheimers disease -


* confusion

* disturbances in short-term memory

* problems with attention and spatial orientation

* personality changes

* language difficulties

* unexplained mood swings

Now, as I stated earlier, I am not a doctor but I am a reasonably intelligent and curious person who is genuinely concerned about the possibility that the leader of the free world may be having serious physical and or mental issues that are being hidden from us. The fact that this President has been less available to the public in unstructured situations, is exhibiting signs and symptoms of a number of serious illnesses, and has postponed an otherwise routine checkup indicates to me that there may be a problem with our President. A problem that could endanger our country and the institution of the Presidency itself.

The best thing for all of us would be that the people around Bush come clean. Submit the President for a complete and thorough physical exam prior to the election. The American people have the right to know if the President is healthy enough to fulfill his obligations. It would be irresponsible and even traitorous to knowingly foist a seriously ill man into a 4 year commitment to the office of president that he is physically and mentally unable to keep.



Help Stop Right Wing Media Group Sinclair

In the lasts gasps of desperation, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group is forcing affiliates to broadcast an anti-Kerry "documentary", which slanders and demeans John Kerry's brave service in Vietnam, two weeks before the election. This "in kind" contribution to team Bush is unethical and illegal. It is a clear violation of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules.

The overtly partisan Sinclair also refused to carry the recent Nightline episode which honored the troops who have been killed in Iraq.

You can help stop this blatant violation of the law by going here:

Sign the Petition: http://www.stopsinclair.org/index.php

Contact the FCC: http://www.freepress.net/sinclair/dn.php

Contact Sinclair:

Please be sure to keep your comments professional and polite. Let them know that you strongly disagree with their actions.

Mark Hyman - mhyman@sbgnet.com - Vice President for Corporate Relations
David Smith - dsmith@sbgnet.com - CEO
Joe Defeo - jdefeo@sbgnet.com - Corporate News Director

This ridiculous attempt by Sinclair to influence the Presidential elections is an affront to all Americans and will be stopped.

Coburn-Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat

Not content with calling Native Amerians "not real indians", and Oklahoma City legislators "crapheads", Tom Coburn, Republican candidate for US Senate from Oklahoma, today stated that the public schools in the northeastern part of the state are so overrun with "lesbians" that school officials couldn't let the young ladies go to the bathrooms in groups (I guess out of fear of some heavy duty hot lesbo sex).

School officials denied having any lesbian problems.

Coburn, who is losing in the polls to Democratic challenger Brad Carson, is expected to strip naked, paint himself blue and start flinging his own feces into a crowd somewhere in rural Oklahoma in the very near future.



Oklahoma Freeway Blogger Strikes

A very nice lady called me last week and asked me to help her strike a blow for freedom in the conservative buckle of the Republican truss here in Oklahoma. She was, she said, tired of the conservative dominance in this state and was going to do something about it.

She asked for my help. I wimped out.

She did it anyway and man, what a statement she made.

She posted her signs, by herself, along the I-35 corridor that leads to the annual bacchanalia of Oklahoma football...The OU-Texas game.

This brave lady went into the heart of the enemy territory and struck a blow for freedom and democracy.

Here are some pictures she sent me.

She has inspired me to do the same.

If this self described grey haired lady can do this, why can't we all?

If you aren't actively fighting the administration we are forced to endure, you are helping them. You are either with us, or with them.

Take action. Do something. Learn how. Go here.


The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

George W. Bush first spouted the above phrase while verbally dressing down those who opposed his “No Child Left Behind” act. The statement was effective, but deceptive, in painting his critics as being unable to set high standards for all children, especially minorities and basically accused those who disagreed with him of being racist. Bush got everything he wanted. Then he under-funded his own mandate by billions.

This President’s handlers are experts at framing arguments in ways that make their opponents look weak, cowardly, or even traitorous. To go against any idea set forth by this administration, no matter how bad, no matter how damaging to our country and people, is, in their minds, tantamount to sedition.

Like a domineering father, this group of politicians puts forth bad policy, beats up any opposition, invites no input from others and does what it wants without forethought or consideration.

What mistakes have you made, Mr. President?

I can’t think of any and I am, quite frankly, offended that you asked that question. What are you, a terrorist?

What to do when policies you have promoted fail? That is easy my friends. When the poorly thought out and rushed plans of this administration flop, which they inevitably do, there is always a convenient excuse, argument or relative comparison to fall back on.

Saddam didn’t have weapons or the capacity to produce them.

Yes, but he wanted them and would have given them to terrorist when he got them. We can’t wait until the smoking gun is a mushroom cloud.

Government spending is out of control. You have produced the largest deficits in our history.

The deficit this year is only $400 billion, not $520 billion as was projected. We saved over $100 billion.

1069 American soldiers have died in this unnecessary war.

That is less than died on the beaches of Normandy, far less than died in Vietnam.

You have taken the goodwill for this country and squandered it.

We have a coalition of 30 countries.

You are the first President in over 70 years to have lost more jobs than you created.

We created more jobs than France, Germany, Canada and Great Britain.

By never taking responsibility for it’s failures and contrarily explaining them away by comparative justification, this administration proves, yet again that it has no grasp on reality, no responsibility, no credibility and, worst of all, no integrity.

We have been forced into an Orwellian universe where repression is freedom, ignorance is strength, patriotism is traitorous and irresponsibility is the norm for the leaders of the most powerful country in the world.

When, in the last debate, George W. Bush was asked to name three mistakes his administration has made in the last 4 years, Mr. Bush couldn’t come up with one. Not one. This is not the first time he has been asked this question nor was it the first time he has been unable to answer it.

How can a man who is portrayed by his spokesmen as strong, resolute, powerful and decisive waffle and equivocate so much when asked to take ownership of his mistakes?

The buck no longer stops at the desk of the Oval Office. This President won’t even admit to seeing the buck on the Whitehouse grounds. But he might admit, under his bait and switch responsibility, to having found 13 cents in the couch cushions while looking for phantom WMD’s.

In Mr. Bush’s world of soft bigotry and low expectations, that would be an “encouraging sign” and a “positive step forward“.

p.s. Mr. President, here is a website you could utilize in your quest for responsibility:


It's available on the internets.



Bush doesn't know where his money comes from

Factcheck.org has already proved the President did make $84 from a timber company which would qualify him as a small business owner.

Closing comments and closing thoughts

Kerry closes strong. Bush does okay. I think Kerry won this debate but it was much closer thatn the ass whipping he gave him last time. The media will spin the amazing comeback as the President was able to talk reasonably coherently for up to 120 seconds. The third one will tell the tale...if it takes place.

Environment question

Bush: Has shaken Bush up. Reduction of off road vehicle emmissions. WTF.

Kerry: Calling Bush on his lies about the environment. One of the worst administrations on the environment in history. Called him Orwellian.

John Kerry promises not to raise taxes on anyone but the wealthiest 8:57

Kerry gets the first solid laugh line. Only 3 people affected by tax increase, Kerry, Bush, and Charlie Gibson. I think they can afford it.

Bush's out of control spending

Good question. Why, if your party has control of all branches of government has spending shot through the roof? 9/11, stock bubble, inherited recession. Does this guy take responsibility for anything?

Tort Reform

Bush gets some good, though probably dishonest, shots in. Kerry responds effectively.

Domestic Policy Questions

Imported drugs from Canada. Bush gets first name drop, Wanda Blackmore bought drugs with her discount card and only paid $1.14 (Note to self, check to see if this is a lie). You might get cheaper imported drugs, we're looking at it.

Kerry comes back hard. Bush made the same promise 4 years ago. President blocked it. Bush made it illegal to negotiate drug prices. President sides with the drug companies, oil companies. Powerful.

First self defacing joke goes to Bush 8:27

"That answer almost made me want to scowl." It should have made you scowl.

Draft question. "I hear there are rumors on the internets."
"Fascile" wow, they must have got his ear prompter fixed.

Kerry "You got a back door draft right now," good answer John.

Uh oh. Whoops Bush is losing it.

Bush has his smiley face on. 8:14pm

Bush got the memo. He has to look happy that John Kerry is ripping him a new one. Kerry is using Republicans criticism of Iraq against Bush. Bush's smile is rapidly fading. I don't think he can keep it up. Quick Bob Dole, we need some Viagra stat.

Bush lies. They are not going to have 125,000 troops trained. Bush is saying Tony Blair will not support John Kerry if he is elected. What a crock.

Here we go

Wishy washy, first question. Tough. Pretty good job Mr. Kerry. Tying the wishy washy charge into criticisms of Bush. Nice. Man he is hitting Bush hard.

Here goes Bush. Good replay of the Kerry sterotypes. First repeat. Second. Consistent is his buzzword.

Bush's first is also tough. Why invade when there is only the possibility of future threat. Bush is doing pretty good. They must have adjusted his meds.

10 Minutes to go..

Let's get ready to RUMMMMMMMMBULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! But first a little prayer. God please help our President tonight to answer questions honestly and to not come off as such a moron like he did last time. Help John Kerry to be strong and brave again like he was in Vietnam when he defended our country while Bush was safe at home, drinking beer profusely and skipping out on the minimal requirements of his enlistment. Amen.

30 Minutes to go...

Man, this is exciting. I never got into sports but this is my playoffs and the election is the Superbowl. My team (Kerry/Edwards) is pulling ahead based on an upset victory last week. I gotta get some popcorn and my team penants and get ready to boo the bad guys (Bush/Cheney) and cheer for my team.

1 hour and 51 minutes to go...

I was wondering if tonights debate could possibly change anyones mind? What if Bush totally loses it and soils himself? What if Kerry admits to being programmed by the communist Chinese? Could either candidate do anything that would make you change your vote at this point. If you are undecided, what would you need to see or hear to swing you solidly into supporting one candidate over the other?

Just wondering.

p.s. Kerry is going to kick Bush's ass...again.

The Milli Vanilli President

Speculation is swirling on the internet about whether or not George W. Bush was wearing some sort of wireless reciever during the first debate. Bloggers have not been this fired up since Rathergate. Salon.com, a respectable left leaning online magazine, is carrying the story, which means it is entering the mainstream media.

Here is a link to their report:
Bush's Mystery Bulge

Here is the picture that is causing the controversy:

The rectangular outline of an object can be clearly seen protruding against the President's jacket. Some have claimed this picture has been faked or 'photoshopped' but I did a little investigating and found that this is a stillframe from the original C-Span footage of the debate. Here is a link. Go to 23:00 minutes into the debate and you will see the shot from behind the president. You can also clearly see the outline of the object.

What is it? I don't know but we know what it isn't. It isn't any sort of microphone or transmitter put on by the technicians at the debate. There were none. It doesn't appear to be part of a bulletproof vest, at least not any that I have ever worn and I have worn three different types. Of course, the President may have some high tech stuff I don't know about. In fact, I hope he does. Whatever it is, it is strange and the President's staff is refusing to comment on it.

Two questions come to mind when faced with this new theory...Why would the President need a wireless transmitter? If he had one wouldn't he be better at speaking and not come off like a bumbling idiot?

The first of those questions may be answered here and it is a truly frightening proposition. If our President has a mental health problem, we need to be told honestly about it.

The second question calls for a little more speculation. It is possible that if this is true that there was some sort of technical glitch or frequency interference. It seems the Republicans exclusively have been asking technicians at event about the frequencies their equipment operates on. It is much more plausible that Bush has been using this technique for a long time in front of extremely partisan and boisterous crowds. Every few sentences he utters are greeted with wild applause and speech stopping cheering. During those breaks, he could be given the next lines or talking points from his handlers.

This would explain the screening of attendees to these events and would further explain Bush's dumbfounded expressions and inability to address any sort of disruption or unscripted event during his speeches. This technique would work very well as long as the environment is controlled and nothing unusual happens. Unfortunately, it would also creat a disaster if it became the relied upon source for Bush's speeches.

Once put into an environment like we had in the debate, the method falls completely apart. Bush would not have time to hear and then repeat the messages he was fed without pauses, stumbling and incoherent stares. The debate format with it's instantaneous punch and counterpunch would completely invalidate this method of prompting or worse make the President look confused and angry (sound familiar?)

The town hall event tonight should provide a better atmosphere for this type of thing but if the Bush handlers know we are on to them and had to remove "Bush's Brain", it would totally destroy his chances tonight...if any of this is true. It is possible, that these people are too arrogant to let little blogging conspiracy nuts impede their march to re-election.

Is the President OK? Can he respond to questions without the help of others? I guess we might find out tonight.

Stay tuned for my debate coverage later this evening.



John Kerry's closing debate statement...

24 years ago, President Reagan asked an audience like this, "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

I could ask that same question tonight and millions of our fellow Americans would have to answer no. One million more people live in poverty after four years of this administration. Five million more live without the basic comfort of health insurance. Less Americans have jobs now than were employed when Mr. Bush took office. That is the first time this has happened since the great depression.

This administration has set records; record deficits, record spending, record government growth, record personal bankruptcies, record job loss, record profits to Halliburton and record medicare increases to our senior citizens.

The harsh but simple answer to that question posed by President Reagan is no. Most hard working Americans are not better off today than they were When President Bush took office.

But we live in a different time now than we did then. The question we must now ask ourselves is:

Is America and the world safer now than we were four years ago?

And again, the answer is no. Our world, as impacted by President Bush and his administration, is not safer. It is more dangerous. Under this administration we have endured the worst terrorist attack in our history. An attack which took the lives of over three thousand innocent civilians. An attack for which the terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden, has still not be captured dead or alive.

We live with the prospect of a still unsolved anthrax attack which killed several innocent Americans and infected our nation's capitol.

Many Americans live in fear because of the rising and falling color coded system that has been raised 7 times in the last two years.

America is far from alone in this new danger. Russian school children were horribly killed in Beslan. Spain endured it's own 9/11 when it's commuter trains were blown up, killing and maiming hundreds. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and India have all seen increased levels of devastatingly violent attacks.

Iraq is spiraling into an unending cycle of explosions, murder and death.

Our soldiers there are paying the price for this administration's mistakes. More died in September than died in August. More in August than July and more in July than June. Over 7000 of our nations finest young men and women have been injured and, as of this day, 1065 have made the ultimate sacrifice. A sacrifice I will always honor and never forget.

In Iraq, insurgents strike at will. Scores of people have been kidnapped by our number one enemy there, Abu al-Zarqawi, who roams the country at will; and too many have been beheaded and had their horrendous murders displayed across the globe for a shocked world to see.

Missiles, just yesterday, were fired into the most heavily fortified and protected area in the country, the Green Zone, hitting a hotel populated by many of the journalist who are in too much danger to leave the walled compound to find out what is going on in this "liberated" country.

Is America and the world safer today than it was for years ago? No it is not and it will continue to be more dangerous unless we, the American people, change the course we have been forced to take. Changing course, when it is wrong is not weak, it is smart.

I am asking you tonight, my fellow Americans, to support me in this important time for our country. To right a wrong. To make a change for the better and to make our country whole again.

May God bless each and every one of you to make the best decision for our country and may God bless the United States of America.

A letter to my Father

Dear Dad,

I hope everything is going well for you. It was good to talk to you last weekend. I enjoy it when you call and I feel bad because we don't talk as much as we should.

I don't know if I tell you this enough, but I respect you and I have always admired your strength, wisdom and honesty. That's why I was surprised when you said you were leaning towards voting for George Bush in the upcoming election.

I am a lifelong Democrat, proud and strong in my beliefs because of the values and lessons you taught me. The lessons I have taken from you were not preached to me but were instead, learned by example, by watching the way you have lived your life.

Helping those less fortunate, judging people by their actions, working hard, taking personal responsibility, telling the truth, standing up for what is right but only fighting when there is no other choice, and spending money wisely; these are all traits that you have passed on to me and I hope to pass on to your grandchildren.

You said that you don't trust John Kerry because of the things you have read and seen about him. I agree there are some awful things being said about things John Kerry did in the past but I don't believe many of them are true and the few that are have been twisted and manipulated to make them seem much worse.

You joined the military as a young man and served your country honorably. So did John Kerry. So did I.

You passed that pride in our military on to me and I want to thank you for giving me a sincere respect for the men and women who serve our country. I joined the military trying to live up to the standard you set. I served proudly knowing that I was part of a tradition of sacrifice and honor. I hope I earned your respect.

A great deal of money has been spent by his opponents and others to take away John Kerry's pride in his service, his patriotism and his status as a war veteran. I think that is one of the worst things that has come out of this election. When George Bush had the chance to serve his country, he didn't, but many people tout him as the more patriotic of the two. That is not honest and it is not right.

John Kerry volunteered and fought when his country was at war and when he was done fighting, he took a stance against it, but never the soldiers. He has always supported our troops even when it meant pointing out the failures of a president and the military commanders who were not allowing them to win. He did this because he thought it was honorable to look out for those men and women who were killing and dying for a mistaken idea. He was attacked and maligned for it but he kept on until all of those soldiers were brought home. He didn't do it for political reasons. He did it because he thought it was the right thing to do.

I hope that I have made you proud of me and I know that I would not be the man I am today without having you as my father. I know you are one of the most decent and honorable men I have ever met in my life and I also know that you would never make a decision based on anything but your sincerely held beliefs. That is why what I am about to ask you is so difficult.

Dad, I want you to listen to me and trust my perception as your son, as an American, as a former soldier and, most importantly, as a man. I am going to vote for John Kerry because I honestly believe he is our only hope to change the mess George Bush and his administration have created. I have friends serving in the military today who tell me that the situation in Iraq is terrible and getting worse. I can see the national debt building up so fast that your unborn grandson will still be paying off the bills this administration is running up when he has children of his own.

I want to believe in the President of our country. I want to believe he is an honorable and truthful man. I don't believe George Bush is that man. The world is not safer, the world is not freer, American is less respected and every day, some of our liberty is slowly worn away.

Please vote for John Kerry in this election Dad. I believe it is the right thing to do. I believe it is what you have taught me to do my whole life.

Your Son,




Bush's Mulligan


How to Win a Debate Six Day's After It Ends

Today my heartbeat increased with anticipation as I was informed over and over again by the cable news channels and my local radio station that the President of the United States was about to make an "important speech".

What was going on? Were we under attack? Had they captured the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden? Was Bush resigning? Whatever it was, it was no doubt important because the news channels were all interrupting regular programming. When the President holds a nationwide press conference during an ongoing war on terror, it has to be something incredibly important. Right?


Karl Rove and the Bush campaign Punk'd the entire country by disguising a one hour campaign commercial as an "important speech" from the President. It was wrong. It was ethically, politically and (probably) legally wrong and it is indefensible for our commander in chief to play on the fears of the nation to bring himself an uninterrupted rebuttal (to a debate he lost six days ago) in front of a pandering mob of starstruck supporters to try to salvage his slipping political campaign. Bush's sideshow today was entertaining.

It was nice to see Bush finally show up John Kerry. He is a far better debater than we had all been led to believe by his miserable performance last Thursday. It is not Bush's fault he lost the last debate. He was, after all, working hard all day rebuilding homes for the hurricane survivors, single handedly capturing evil doers and nursing a litter of orphaned kittens from his own teats. He was worn down (and a little dehydrated) from all of his presidentin.

There were, apparently, only 4 things that Bush needed to achieve victory in the last debate.

1. He needed the questions for six days.
2. He needed a fawning cheering crowd.
3. He needed his advisors to tell him what to say on the teleprompter.
4. He needed John Kerry to be in another state.

Shame on Karl Rove and George W. Bush for perpatrating this fraud. Shame on the mainstream media for not "cutting the mic" of the president when it became painfully obvious that this was not an "important speech" but just a lame attempt by this miserable failure to get a do-over. Shame on us, the American people, if we don't work as hard as we possibly can over the next 27 days to restore decency, civility and responsiblity back to our nation's capitol by voting these lying, cheating, fear mongering failures out of office.



Cheney is a Big Fat Liar

I am sure there will be a comprehensive list of all the whoppers Cheney told tonight but here is my favorite one:

Dick Cheney - “In my capacity as vice president, I am the president of the senate, the presiding officer, I'm in the senate most tuesdays when the congress is in session. The first time I met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.”

Res ipsa Loquitur

Maybe I was wrong

Online polls are going crazy in favor of John Edwards over Dick Cheny. I went to at least 20 of them and they all showed Edwards winning the debate anywhere from 52% all the way up to the low 90% range.

A lot of people really don't like Cheney.

Big Debate Tonight - Edwards Beauty and the Beast Cheney

Alternate titles not selected for this post:

Mr. Potter vs George Bailey

Shrek vs Breck

The Old Bastard vs The Young Turk

I will be posting periodic live updates during the debate.

Good luck and Godspeed John Edwards, remember the undead do not like crosses, garlic, or holy water. Smack that scowl off of his face.

*******8:36 pm
John Edwards is holding his own against the old bastard. Cheney threw the first low blow on Edwards "missing" a Senate vote. Cheney is coming across as grouchy and gruff, Edwards is being more polite and statesman-like. I think Edwards needs to get a little more aggressive or Cheney will be perceived as stronger.

Edwards bites back. Halliburton-Under investigation for over charging the American people, did business with sworn enemies under Cheney's watch, under investigation for bribing foreign officials. Cheney "I will need more than 30 seconds Gwen." "That's all you've got." Pow!

Domestic policy. This should be Edwards strong suit. I think Cheney will be given the edge in the previous portion of the debate. He is just meaner.

Well, I am going to do something here my conservative counterparts never would...I am going to tell the truth. Looking at the debate from a purely critical standpoint, Cheney won. He was unflappable (as a souless succubus always is). He got in the better zingers. He seemed more confident and sure of himself. Edwards came off as trying to hard. He went back to his talking points after the topic had changed or before the question had come up. Here are the superficial points conservative talk show hosts and their petty audiences will bring up; Edwards drank too much water, licked his lips, scribbled loudly, tore out pages, made pouty faces and squinched his eyes and he said John Kerry when he wasn't supposed to. Oh Yeah, he probably smoked a doobie backstage because he looked like he had cotton mouth. Get ready for freeze frames of his tongue half way out of his mouth.

I think the substance of the arguments Edwards made were cutting and damaging but his style was off putting compared to Cheney's "father knows best" style. Cheney, believe it or not, had more style than the smooth southern trial lawyer.

Even though Edwards was outperformed by Cheney it is important that I make it abundantly clear he was by far superior to George Bush. John Edwards seemed smart and knowledgeable whereas Bush seemed confused and disoriented.

The Vice Presidential debate goes down in the win column for the Bush campaign. Unfortunately Cheney will not be able to pinch hit for Bush in the next two debates (like he did with the 9/11 commission). I don't think the American public chooses their President based on who is running for Vice President. The debate tonight shows that the right man was chosen to head the Democratic ticket. John Kerry is, by far, the superior candidate. He is better than Edwards, he is better than Cheney and he is better than Bush in every conceivable way.

It is disconcerting to me that the current Vice President outpaces his boss in every way shape and form and that the George W. Bush is inferior to his subordinate.

The main thing this debate showed tonight is that, with Kerry as President, that will no longer be the case.

George Bush Will Dodge the Third Debate

Interesting theory put forth on this site Check it out and pass it on.

Debate Dodger



Why are Conservative Talk Show Hosts So Angry?

Here I am, just a regular guy, with no statewide or national forum from which to espouse my political views. All I have is this humble little blog. Sometimes I am harsh, even crude but I always try to present the facts honestly and only rarely engage in ad hominem attacks.

In the last few days, I have been attacked by two different conservative radio talk show hosts; Cam Edwards - Host of the National Rifle Association internet radio program "NRA News" and Mark Shannon - Host of the embarrassingly bad OKC morning show "Shannon and Stein" on Supertalk 930 WKY.

I wrote a previous piece, which was extremely critical of a recent "Shannon and Stein" show in which they mocked the deaths of a family of 6 who were trapped in a housefire and burned to death. During the same show, they belittled, mocked and ridiculed an 87 year old woman who called in to take them to task for their callousness. I called in during the same show and criticized their behavior and was so angry that I said that someone should come up to the station and "whip Stein's puny ass." I let my anger get the better of me and I shouldn't have said it.

Back to the conservatives. Cam Edwards posted a comment on the story which read:

FWIW, Steve, I don't think you'll have to worry about Shannon and Stein (or the rest of WKY) much longer. I'd say within six months they'll all be gone.

As to being mean to mean people, I've got no problem with that. But if I was listening to WKY when you called in, I would have simply thought it fitting that two idiots hosting a radio show also had an idiot as a listener. You do your cause no credit by acting like an ass.

Last night I got an e-mail from Mark Shannon using his Citadel Communications (The Station Owner of WKY) e-mail account which simply read "FuckYOU.com." It is nice to see he is as witty, subtle and charming in e-mails as he is on the radio.

I guess I am making some progress in fighting conservatives in that they have been reduced to vitriolic and vulgar ad hominem attacks. As I stated to a reader earlier, I see no reason to be nice to mean people. I will not be intimidated or by these glorified disc jockeys and neither should anyone else.

I wonder what Mr. Shannon's employer will think of him using his company e-mail account to send a vulgar message to a regular listener. As they used to say in the golden age of television...stay tuned.



Word of the Day


adj : marked by excessive confidence; "an arrogant and cocksure materialist"; "so overconfident and impudent as to speak to the queen"; "the less he knows the more positive he gets"

George W. Bush becomes more cocksure with each successive failure.

The Swimsuit Competition
by Steve Huddleston

I have a theory about presidential elections and televised debates that I think is pretty well supported. Americans are by and large intellectually lazy. The majority of voters are woefully ill informed about the issues, how government works-who is responsible for what, international affairs, even basic geography. That is sad and that is cynical, but I believe it to be true. I also believe that swing voters - those of us not absolutely tied to one party and proudly boast they vote for "the man" and not "the party", make a cosmetic choice based on the debates.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that every president since Kennedy has looked better, sounded better, and has appeared more comfortable in their own skin during the televised debates. That's how Kennedy beat Nixon. How Carter beat Ford, Reagan beat Carter and Mondale, and so and so on. I was rooting hard for Gore last time and thought he did much better on actual issues than Bush but I have to concede that Bush looked more at ease with his "folksy" approach than Gore did making issue based appeals.

And then came Thursday's debate. Let the spinmeisters spin- ANYONE judging that debate on who appeared more confident and comfortable in their surroundings had to see Kerry as the winner. Nor is there any reason not to expect Kerry to do as well or better in the next two. The next one will be more scripted, so I don't expect Bush to do quite as badly- but I don't expect him to do as well as Kerry because there is no teleprompter. The third debate over domestic issues- from stem cells to the highest deficits in history to the first net job loss in modern times to record gas prices to the environment to Haliburton to Enron to Medicare- if you thought Bush looked bad last night, just wait until the last debate when he has to try and defend the indefensible.

Kerry IS going to win the "swim suit competition" of this year's televised debates. And if history is any guide- that means he will win the election.

Steven Huddleston is an attorney, amateur political activist, writer and a very smart fellow. He is also a friend of mine whose thoughts I will be posting here from time to time.

The Whirling Dervish of the RNC

Whirling Dervish is not just a phrase it is an actual religious practice. The Dervish spin around faster and faster to achieve a hypnotic state of being. The purpose of the ritual whirling is for the dervish to empty himself of all distracting thoughts, achieving a trancelike state beyond reality.

Unfortunately for the Republicans, they have been forced to adopt this centuries old technique to help them deal with the "catastophic success" of the first Presidential debate.

Watch them spin and spin. Aren't they mesmerizing. Gaze upon the mysterious powers of the Whirling Dervish of the RNC and forget what you saw in the debates. In spite of all evidence to the contrary, these mystical creatures of denial went into a transfixed spin mode to try to save the object of their worship, George W. Bush.

The Republicans need mass hypnosis to try and make America forget what happened in the first debate.

After Thursday nights pathetic performance by the President, there was a clear and obvious winner in the form of Presidential candidate John Kerry. Kerry was superior in every aspect in the debate. From poise and stature to a clear and consistent articulation of his message. John Kerry out presidented the President.

Bush, on the other hand was petulent and pouty, confounded and confused, repetitive and routed. It was the most pathetic performance from a commander in chief since Bush's last open press conference.

There were some honest moments of clarity from some of the partisan witness to the slaughter:

Joe Scarborough: I‘ve heard some people earlier this week act contentiously towards those of us who would ask that question after the debate, did they look presidential or not.

I think it‘s an important question. I think it‘s an important question because I think that‘s what Americans are looking at, especially from a challenger.

I want to just go around the table here and ask. Who looked more presidential tonight? I‘ll answer the question first as a Republican. I think John Kerry looked more presidential—

Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard: “I think Kerry did pretty well tonight, he was forceful and articulate.”

Mort Kondracke: “This is the President's turf, this is the place that the President is supposed to dominate, terror and the war in Iraq. I don't think he really dominated tonight. I think Kerry looked like a commander-in-chief.”

But just two short days later, delusion has settled over the partisan pundits like a morphine fog. The popular device I have heard used is; Kerry had more style but Bush's message was clearer and more consistent....What?

If Bush had a message, it was lost in all his stammering, stuttering and angry stares. His floundering was painful to watch and an embarrasment to our country. This man who stared like a possum caught in the harsh gleam of the high beam is supposedly steering our foreign police with a steady hand and determined gait. Confident sure and decisive are the buzzwords repeated ad nauseum by his fans. He did not portray any of these qualities Thursday night.

Even at Free Republic, a rabidly pro-Bush website, the meltdown of his supporters was abundantly evident by the panicked comments posted during and after the debate:

"I feel sick in my stomach. I think Kerry is winning hands down. I hate to say it, but its what I feel."

"I don't think I have ever seen such a lopsided debate. Bush has lost his footing if he ever had it."

"I don't like this. Bush is doing just about as poorly as he possibly could do."

""I agree. I had to shut it off for fear of rubbing my face in the floor in frustration. Bush used a 30 second rebuttal to say the same thing he said four times already. Word for word. And even stuttered and stumbled while saying it".

""THIS IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!"

"We may have lost the election tonight."

Never ones to be distracted by blatant truth, the Presidents allies went to work almost immediately to spin the pig's ear of the President's failed performance into a silk purse. The pursed smiles and tight faces of the RNC Dervishes as they came into face the media reflected their failed hopes and dashed dreams for what the debates might have produced.

Reality did not affect their ability to lie with straight faces. Some of their comments:

"I thought it went very, very well." - Rudy Guilliani

"The President was clear and resolute tonight." - Ralph Reed

"Tonight was a strong showing for the President." - Dan Bartlett

And the audacity increases as time begins to smooth the edges of the sharp truth we all witnessed. Far from the lie that Bush tied Kerry, right wing editorialists and pundits across the country are spinning the pathetic performance of the President into a win. A WIN?

From the Dallas News:

Crisp, authoritative and articulate, both George W. Bush and John Kerry were at the top of their respective games. We call it a draw. But because Mr. Kerry did not get the breakout performance that he needs to turn this race around heading into the homestretch, the president won by not losing.

From Debra Saunders - San Francisco Chronicle

Bush won the debate with Kerry

...he won on substance. You can count me in agreement with the 37 percent of Americans who told the CNN/Gallup poll that Bush got the better of John Kerry.
(37% as compared to 53% who said Kerry won)

Cal Thomas:

No Knockout Punch

The president was at his best when he mentioned time he spent with a particular war widow. Kerry was the most articulate and won on presentation and style. But on substance, experience, vision and conviction, it was President Bush's debate to lose. He didn't.

Cam Edwards - NRA Web Radio DJ:

I think when those undecideds start parsing what he actually said, Bush wins on substance.

Spin my little Dervish. Twirl until the unease you felt watching this President make a fool of himself, America and you fades into the comfortable numbness of self induced mental fuzziness. Now, repeat after me, "Bush won the debate." Spin that mantra until you believe it is true.

All of that whirling will be good practice for November 3rd. But the reality of that day will not be so easily spun.


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