Absolutely the best compilation of Anti-Bush videos anywhere.

The Bush Videos

New from BushCo all of your favorite moments from the Bush Administration. You get all the hits like:

Bill Maher on Bush - "New rule. You can't run on a mistake."

Tim Ryan on Bush - "Not one thing told to the American people...has been true."

Bushisms -

"They never stop thinking of ways to hurt our country...and neither do we."

"Fool me once...shame on, shame on you?"

Bush Lies -

"I never said that. That is one of those exa-ger-ations"

"I am not that concerned about him (Osama "Dead or Alive" Bin Laden)

"The American people are safer."

"This economy is strong, it is getting stronger."

Order today and recieve 7.6 trillion dollars in national debt and an unending war in the wrong country.

Only available if Bush is not re-elected. Parody of this kind will be outlawed under a second Bush administration. Void where prohibited.

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