Big Debate Tonight - Edwards Beauty and the Beast Cheney

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Mr. Potter vs George Bailey

Shrek vs Breck

The Old Bastard vs The Young Turk

I will be posting periodic live updates during the debate.

Good luck and Godspeed John Edwards, remember the undead do not like crosses, garlic, or holy water. Smack that scowl off of his face.

*******8:36 pm
John Edwards is holding his own against the old bastard. Cheney threw the first low blow on Edwards "missing" a Senate vote. Cheney is coming across as grouchy and gruff, Edwards is being more polite and statesman-like. I think Edwards needs to get a little more aggressive or Cheney will be perceived as stronger.

Edwards bites back. Halliburton-Under investigation for over charging the American people, did business with sworn enemies under Cheney's watch, under investigation for bribing foreign officials. Cheney "I will need more than 30 seconds Gwen." "That's all you've got." Pow!

Domestic policy. This should be Edwards strong suit. I think Cheney will be given the edge in the previous portion of the debate. He is just meaner.

Well, I am going to do something here my conservative counterparts never would...I am going to tell the truth. Looking at the debate from a purely critical standpoint, Cheney won. He was unflappable (as a souless succubus always is). He got in the better zingers. He seemed more confident and sure of himself. Edwards came off as trying to hard. He went back to his talking points after the topic had changed or before the question had come up. Here are the superficial points conservative talk show hosts and their petty audiences will bring up; Edwards drank too much water, licked his lips, scribbled loudly, tore out pages, made pouty faces and squinched his eyes and he said John Kerry when he wasn't supposed to. Oh Yeah, he probably smoked a doobie backstage because he looked like he had cotton mouth. Get ready for freeze frames of his tongue half way out of his mouth.

I think the substance of the arguments Edwards made were cutting and damaging but his style was off putting compared to Cheney's "father knows best" style. Cheney, believe it or not, had more style than the smooth southern trial lawyer.

Even though Edwards was outperformed by Cheney it is important that I make it abundantly clear he was by far superior to George Bush. John Edwards seemed smart and knowledgeable whereas Bush seemed confused and disoriented.

The Vice Presidential debate goes down in the win column for the Bush campaign. Unfortunately Cheney will not be able to pinch hit for Bush in the next two debates (like he did with the 9/11 commission). I don't think the American public chooses their President based on who is running for Vice President. The debate tonight shows that the right man was chosen to head the Democratic ticket. John Kerry is, by far, the superior candidate. He is better than Edwards, he is better than Cheney and he is better than Bush in every conceivable way.

It is disconcerting to me that the current Vice President outpaces his boss in every way shape and form and that the George W. Bush is inferior to his subordinate.

The main thing this debate showed tonight is that, with Kerry as President, that will no longer be the case.

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