Bush doesn't know where his money comes from

Factcheck.org has already proved the President did make $84 from a timber company which would qualify him as a small business owner.

Closing comments and closing thoughts

Kerry closes strong. Bush does okay. I think Kerry won this debate but it was much closer thatn the ass whipping he gave him last time. The media will spin the amazing comeback as the President was able to talk reasonably coherently for up to 120 seconds. The third one will tell the tale...if it takes place.

Environment question

Bush: Has shaken Bush up. Reduction of off road vehicle emmissions. WTF.

Kerry: Calling Bush on his lies about the environment. One of the worst administrations on the environment in history. Called him Orwellian.

John Kerry promises not to raise taxes on anyone but the wealthiest 8:57

Kerry gets the first solid laugh line. Only 3 people affected by tax increase, Kerry, Bush, and Charlie Gibson. I think they can afford it.

Bush's out of control spending

Good question. Why, if your party has control of all branches of government has spending shot through the roof? 9/11, stock bubble, inherited recession. Does this guy take responsibility for anything?

Tort Reform

Bush gets some good, though probably dishonest, shots in. Kerry responds effectively.

Domestic Policy Questions

Imported drugs from Canada. Bush gets first name drop, Wanda Blackmore bought drugs with her discount card and only paid $1.14 (Note to self, check to see if this is a lie). You might get cheaper imported drugs, we're looking at it.

Kerry comes back hard. Bush made the same promise 4 years ago. President blocked it. Bush made it illegal to negotiate drug prices. President sides with the drug companies, oil companies. Powerful.

First self defacing joke goes to Bush 8:27

"That answer almost made me want to scowl." It should have made you scowl.

Draft question. "I hear there are rumors on the internets."
"Fascile" wow, they must have got his ear prompter fixed.

Kerry "You got a back door draft right now," good answer John.

Uh oh. Whoops Bush is losing it.

Bush has his smiley face on. 8:14pm

Bush got the memo. He has to look happy that John Kerry is ripping him a new one. Kerry is using Republicans criticism of Iraq against Bush. Bush's smile is rapidly fading. I don't think he can keep it up. Quick Bob Dole, we need some Viagra stat.

Bush lies. They are not going to have 125,000 troops trained. Bush is saying Tony Blair will not support John Kerry if he is elected. What a crock.

Here we go

Wishy washy, first question. Tough. Pretty good job Mr. Kerry. Tying the wishy washy charge into criticisms of Bush. Nice. Man he is hitting Bush hard.

Here goes Bush. Good replay of the Kerry sterotypes. First repeat. Second. Consistent is his buzzword.

Bush's first is also tough. Why invade when there is only the possibility of future threat. Bush is doing pretty good. They must have adjusted his meds.

10 Minutes to go..

Let's get ready to RUMMMMMMMMBULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! But first a little prayer. God please help our President tonight to answer questions honestly and to not come off as such a moron like he did last time. Help John Kerry to be strong and brave again like he was in Vietnam when he defended our country while Bush was safe at home, drinking beer profusely and skipping out on the minimal requirements of his enlistment. Amen.

30 Minutes to go...

Man, this is exciting. I never got into sports but this is my playoffs and the election is the Superbowl. My team (Kerry/Edwards) is pulling ahead based on an upset victory last week. I gotta get some popcorn and my team penants and get ready to boo the bad guys (Bush/Cheney) and cheer for my team.

1 hour and 51 minutes to go...

I was wondering if tonights debate could possibly change anyones mind? What if Bush totally loses it and soils himself? What if Kerry admits to being programmed by the communist Chinese? Could either candidate do anything that would make you change your vote at this point. If you are undecided, what would you need to see or hear to swing you solidly into supporting one candidate over the other?

Just wondering.

p.s. Kerry is going to kick Bush's ass...again.

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