Bush's Mulligan


How to Win a Debate Six Day's After It Ends

Today my heartbeat increased with anticipation as I was informed over and over again by the cable news channels and my local radio station that the President of the United States was about to make an "important speech".

What was going on? Were we under attack? Had they captured the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden? Was Bush resigning? Whatever it was, it was no doubt important because the news channels were all interrupting regular programming. When the President holds a nationwide press conference during an ongoing war on terror, it has to be something incredibly important. Right?


Karl Rove and the Bush campaign Punk'd the entire country by disguising a one hour campaign commercial as an "important speech" from the President. It was wrong. It was ethically, politically and (probably) legally wrong and it is indefensible for our commander in chief to play on the fears of the nation to bring himself an uninterrupted rebuttal (to a debate he lost six days ago) in front of a pandering mob of starstruck supporters to try to salvage his slipping political campaign. Bush's sideshow today was entertaining.

It was nice to see Bush finally show up John Kerry. He is a far better debater than we had all been led to believe by his miserable performance last Thursday. It is not Bush's fault he lost the last debate. He was, after all, working hard all day rebuilding homes for the hurricane survivors, single handedly capturing evil doers and nursing a litter of orphaned kittens from his own teats. He was worn down (and a little dehydrated) from all of his presidentin.

There were, apparently, only 4 things that Bush needed to achieve victory in the last debate.

1. He needed the questions for six days.
2. He needed a fawning cheering crowd.
3. He needed his advisors to tell him what to say on the teleprompter.
4. He needed John Kerry to be in another state.

Shame on Karl Rove and George W. Bush for perpatrating this fraud. Shame on the mainstream media for not "cutting the mic" of the president when it became painfully obvious that this was not an "important speech" but just a lame attempt by this miserable failure to get a do-over. Shame on us, the American people, if we don't work as hard as we possibly can over the next 27 days to restore decency, civility and responsiblity back to our nation's capitol by voting these lying, cheating, fear mongering failures out of office.

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