Conservative Paper Refuses to Endorse Bush

The conservative Florida paper, The Tampa Tribune, has decided not to endorse President Bush, even though it wholeheartedly did in 2000. The paper, which has supported and endorsed every Republican candidate since Dwight D. Eisenhower, articulately states a laundry list of reasons why it can't support Bush.

This non-endorsement is an example of the President losing his base of support from true conservatives and could spell trouble for his election chances.

The littany of complaints against Bush goes on and on. From his "overstating evidence" about Iraq's WMD to his super secret policies and his huge deficit spending. This paper devastatingly points out serious flaws of President Bush.

By the way, they don't support Kerry either but from the tone of the editorial I believe they are saying it is better to have an unknown with a possibility of success than a known with a record of failure.

From the Editorial:

An American president should take the country to war only as a last resort, only after exhausting every diplomatic channel and only after asking demanding questions and weighing concrete evidence. On the Iraq war, President Bush failed on all counts.

Hear that Floridians? Even your conservative newspaper cannot bring itself to support this miserable failure of a president.

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