Contact Sinclair Advertisers

Here is an easy way to voice your disapproval of Sinclair Broadcast Group's attempt to influence the Presidential election.

Go here: http://www.grassrootsnation.com/sinclair

At this site, you can fill out one simple form that is e-mailed to over a hundred Sinclair advertisers. Several advertisers have already decided to spend their money elsewhere.

You can use either the form letter or write your own. It only takes a few seconds.

Here is what I wrote:

As a consumer and a television viewer I am aware of the strong link between advertisers and media outlets. I am further aware of my power to communicate my feelings about programming to the people and companies who contribute the financial means that make television stations profitable. That is what I am doing with this e-mail.

I want to let you know that if you chose to use your advertising dollars to support Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. in it's blatantly partisan effort to smear John Kerry by airing the documentary "Stolen Honor", I will no longer use your product or service. I will watch the program to make note of which advertisers support this unethical attempt to influence the presidential election.

After I list those endorsing advertisers, I will contact the advertisers and let them know I will not be using their products or services ever again. I will then post a list on my web site encouraging my hundreds of readers to do the same. I will make a point of telling every one in my large circle of family and friends to do the same.

Sinclair may or may not be acting within the bounds of law, that is still to be determined, but I will act to hold advertisers accountable for the content of the programs they endorse.

Please join people of good conscience in not supporting Sinclair. They have chosen to act in a partisan manner, I hope you will not follow.

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