''The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters, It would have caused them to crash."

3 days after a platoon of soldiers in Iraq refused to deliver helicopter fuel they claim was tainted, two helicopters crashed in Iraq, killing 2 soldiers and wounding 2 more.

Some in the platoon had told relatives they refused to deliver tainted helicopter fuel in poorly maintained vehicles by traveling a dangerous supply route without an armed escort.
Harold Casey said his grandson, Justin Rogers, 22, called him Saturday to tell him that he and other soldiers were put under armed guard after refusing to deliver the supplies.
''The fuel was contaminated for the helicopters,'' Casey said his grandson told him. ''It would have caused them to crash. ... They saved lives.''

Soldier's Story


BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Two Army helicopters crashed late Saturday in Baghdad, killing two American soldiers and wounding two others, the U.S. command said.
The Army helicopters went down about 8:30 p.m. in southwestern Baghdad, the 1st Cavalry Division said. The division said the cause of the crashes had not been determined.

Helicopter Crash


Anyone see a link between these two stories?

A group of 17 soldiers refuses to deliver tainted fuel because they believe it is unsafe to use in helicopters and a 3 days later, two helicopters crash for unknown reasons.

This administration is killing our troops and arresting the ones who refuse to be accessories to their compatriots murders.

Someone in the media needs to link these two stories and start investigating.

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