Help Stop Right Wing Media Group Sinclair

In the lasts gasps of desperation, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group is forcing affiliates to broadcast an anti-Kerry "documentary", which slanders and demeans John Kerry's brave service in Vietnam, two weeks before the election. This "in kind" contribution to team Bush is unethical and illegal. It is a clear violation of FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules.

The overtly partisan Sinclair also refused to carry the recent Nightline episode which honored the troops who have been killed in Iraq.

You can help stop this blatant violation of the law by going here:

Sign the Petition: http://www.stopsinclair.org/index.php

Contact the FCC: http://www.freepress.net/sinclair/dn.php

Contact Sinclair:

Please be sure to keep your comments professional and polite. Let them know that you strongly disagree with their actions.

Mark Hyman - mhyman@sbgnet.com - Vice President for Corporate Relations
David Smith - dsmith@sbgnet.com - CEO
Joe Defeo - jdefeo@sbgnet.com - Corporate News Director

This ridiculous attempt by Sinclair to influence the Presidential elections is an affront to all Americans and will be stopped.

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