The Milli Vanilli President

Speculation is swirling on the internet about whether or not George W. Bush was wearing some sort of wireless reciever during the first debate. Bloggers have not been this fired up since Rathergate. Salon.com, a respectable left leaning online magazine, is carrying the story, which means it is entering the mainstream media.

Here is a link to their report:
Bush's Mystery Bulge

Here is the picture that is causing the controversy:

The rectangular outline of an object can be clearly seen protruding against the President's jacket. Some have claimed this picture has been faked or 'photoshopped' but I did a little investigating and found that this is a stillframe from the original C-Span footage of the debate. Here is a link. Go to 23:00 minutes into the debate and you will see the shot from behind the president. You can also clearly see the outline of the object.

What is it? I don't know but we know what it isn't. It isn't any sort of microphone or transmitter put on by the technicians at the debate. There were none. It doesn't appear to be part of a bulletproof vest, at least not any that I have ever worn and I have worn three different types. Of course, the President may have some high tech stuff I don't know about. In fact, I hope he does. Whatever it is, it is strange and the President's staff is refusing to comment on it.

Two questions come to mind when faced with this new theory...Why would the President need a wireless transmitter? If he had one wouldn't he be better at speaking and not come off like a bumbling idiot?

The first of those questions may be answered here and it is a truly frightening proposition. If our President has a mental health problem, we need to be told honestly about it.

The second question calls for a little more speculation. It is possible that if this is true that there was some sort of technical glitch or frequency interference. It seems the Republicans exclusively have been asking technicians at event about the frequencies their equipment operates on. It is much more plausible that Bush has been using this technique for a long time in front of extremely partisan and boisterous crowds. Every few sentences he utters are greeted with wild applause and speech stopping cheering. During those breaks, he could be given the next lines or talking points from his handlers.

This would explain the screening of attendees to these events and would further explain Bush's dumbfounded expressions and inability to address any sort of disruption or unscripted event during his speeches. This technique would work very well as long as the environment is controlled and nothing unusual happens. Unfortunately, it would also creat a disaster if it became the relied upon source for Bush's speeches.

Once put into an environment like we had in the debate, the method falls completely apart. Bush would not have time to hear and then repeat the messages he was fed without pauses, stumbling and incoherent stares. The debate format with it's instantaneous punch and counterpunch would completely invalidate this method of prompting or worse make the President look confused and angry (sound familiar?)

The town hall event tonight should provide a better atmosphere for this type of thing but if the Bush handlers know we are on to them and had to remove "Bush's Brain", it would totally destroy his chances tonight...if any of this is true. It is possible, that these people are too arrogant to let little blogging conspiracy nuts impede their march to re-election.

Is the President OK? Can he respond to questions without the help of others? I guess we might find out tonight.

Stay tuned for my debate coverage later this evening.

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