Oklahoma Freeway Blogger Strikes

A very nice lady called me last week and asked me to help her strike a blow for freedom in the conservative buckle of the Republican truss here in Oklahoma. She was, she said, tired of the conservative dominance in this state and was going to do something about it.

She asked for my help. I wimped out.

She did it anyway and man, what a statement she made.

She posted her signs, by herself, along the I-35 corridor that leads to the annual bacchanalia of Oklahoma football...The OU-Texas game.

This brave lady went into the heart of the enemy territory and struck a blow for freedom and democracy.

Here are some pictures she sent me.

She has inspired me to do the same.

If this self described grey haired lady can do this, why can't we all?

If you aren't actively fighting the administration we are forced to endure, you are helping them. You are either with us, or with them.

Take action. Do something. Learn how. Go here.


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