On the Campaign Trail

Well, not really. I went to Louisiana last weekend to help my father with a house addition. I drove about 500 miles through rural areas in Texas and Louisiana.

What did I learn?

Oklahoma has more overt Kerry support than Texas. Texas has more than Louisiana. Louisiana doesn't have much. I have seen a red state an it is Louisiana. I was almost askeered to drive my truck with my John Kerry and DemocraticUndergruond.com ...not really. Conservative Fighter is not askeered of republicans or conservatives no matter how closesly they resemble the backwoods inhabitants of deliverance.

It was strange talking to my family there. Most don't support Bush but they still don't like Kerry. My grandmother is not voting for President this year. My father only watches Fox news. It is shocking how good the republicans are at character assasination. They have truly covinced some very good people that a very good man is very bad. Shame on them.

Revenge, they say, is a dish best served cold. I don't think so. On November 2nd, the republicans are going to get a piping hot helping of whoop ass courtesy of the Democrats and John Kerry. I hope it gives them heartburn for the next 4 years.

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