Packers win, Bush Loses

Forget your Scholastic poll and your halloween mask poll, the most accurate and longest running non-political predictor of elections has unfolded. For almost 70 years, the Washington Redskins last home game before the election has predicted the presidential winner. If they win, so does the incumbent. If they lose, the challenger wins.

It has never been wrong.

Today, the Washington Redskins met the Green Bay Packers and were soundly defeated by said Packers. The ironic similarities between the election and the game are spooky. Wisconsin, a swing state is the home of the Packers. It has been hit hard by job losses and a bad economy which has not improved under Bush. The Redskins are based in Washington. The game was close a few times and once the Redskins appeared to have tied it up, but the touchdown was reversed for "illegal procedure".

This is what I have been predicting for the presidential election. A close call up to the actual election, an attempt to cheat and steal the election by the republicans and an eventual clear win by Kerry. Man, I love football.

In the end the Packers won 28-14. There is no need to even go vote if you support Bush. This election is over, baby!

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