A Sign of the Apocolypse?

A country and western song against George W. Bush is out. Listen to it here:

Takin' My Country Back

Tired of the impression that all country music fans and musicians supported the Bush administration, a group of people, Honky Tonkers for Truth, got together to set the record straight and take back country music from one sided partisans like Toby Keith and, one hit wonder, Darryl Worley. The Honky Tonkers message is you can love your country, flag and God and still oppose the President even if he is a rhinestone cowboy.

Written by David Kent and sung by Tony Stampley (son of Country legend Joe Stampley) this song is not just a protest or lefty country anamoly, is it a kickass country song. I grew up in the country listening to the songs my dad liked and I think he would like this one.

I would love to hear this one played on my local country music stations but I seriously doubt it will. It won't stop me from calling and requesting it though.

Go to the page, listen to the song and contact your local station to see if you can get this played. Download it, burn it to disc (it is free until November 2nd) and play it full blast with your windows rolled down.

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