What will it take?

In the last two days, the American people have learned that our resident President has; pushed back a request until after the election for 70 billion more of our hard earned money to continue funding the downward spiraling occupation of Iraq, failed to secure, and subsequently lost to our enemies, 380 tons of high explosives in Iraq (contrary to the right wing spin this material was not gone prior to the invasion), alienated Iraqi PM Allawi by not providing security for his military trainees (resulting in the massacre of 48 of them) and paid for republican thugs to intimidate voters at the polling booths.

7 more days until the end of an error. I believe with all of my heart that Bush will lose this election . The majority of my countrymen are too smart to let this little failure of a man further damage our country. I also believe that Karl Rove will use every dirty trick and lawyer at his disposal to postpone the inevitable failure that is the hallmark of George W. Bush's life. The only difference is, this time we will not sit idly by while the circumstances that affect our lives are conducted. We will win and then fight, if neccessary, for our victory.

A word to the opposition: Don't try it again. Just don't.

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