Why are Conservative Talk Show Hosts So Angry?

Here I am, just a regular guy, with no statewide or national forum from which to espouse my political views. All I have is this humble little blog. Sometimes I am harsh, even crude but I always try to present the facts honestly and only rarely engage in ad hominem attacks.

In the last few days, I have been attacked by two different conservative radio talk show hosts; Cam Edwards - Host of the National Rifle Association internet radio program "NRA News" and Mark Shannon - Host of the embarrassingly bad OKC morning show "Shannon and Stein" on Supertalk 930 WKY.

I wrote a previous piece, which was extremely critical of a recent "Shannon and Stein" show in which they mocked the deaths of a family of 6 who were trapped in a housefire and burned to death. During the same show, they belittled, mocked and ridiculed an 87 year old woman who called in to take them to task for their callousness. I called in during the same show and criticized their behavior and was so angry that I said that someone should come up to the station and "whip Stein's puny ass." I let my anger get the better of me and I shouldn't have said it.

Back to the conservatives. Cam Edwards posted a comment on the story which read:

FWIW, Steve, I don't think you'll have to worry about Shannon and Stein (or the rest of WKY) much longer. I'd say within six months they'll all be gone.

As to being mean to mean people, I've got no problem with that. But if I was listening to WKY when you called in, I would have simply thought it fitting that two idiots hosting a radio show also had an idiot as a listener. You do your cause no credit by acting like an ass.

Last night I got an e-mail from Mark Shannon using his Citadel Communications (The Station Owner of WKY) e-mail account which simply read "FuckYOU.com." It is nice to see he is as witty, subtle and charming in e-mails as he is on the radio.

I guess I am making some progress in fighting conservatives in that they have been reduced to vitriolic and vulgar ad hominem attacks. As I stated to a reader earlier, I see no reason to be nice to mean people. I will not be intimidated or by these glorified disc jockeys and neither should anyone else.

I wonder what Mr. Shannon's employer will think of him using his company e-mail account to send a vulgar message to a regular listener. As they used to say in the golden age of television...stay tuned.

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