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I was feeling really bad about apparently falsely accusing Farrah of making up the horrible SUV vandalism story. I was going to come on today and apologize and beg her and the kind people of Phoenix for forgiveness.

Being the "stalker" I am though, I just had to check out one more thing. If they had gotten the tires replaced on Saturday, why did they wait until Thursday night after 11:00 pm to post it. Sure, they could have been setting me up to look like a foolish conspiracy theorist. Revenge, after all, is a dish best served cold. Maybe they just didn't feel the need to provide anything until the demand for evidence by even some of those on their political side became overwhelming.

Up to this point it had been a he said-she said back and forth with either side claiming victory based on our respective supporters.

I had proved wrong and forced them to change or not acknowledge several aspects of their story: The security cameras, the close up shots of the suspect, his car, his dinner and his Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker, the call to the cops, "Officer Brown", and the neighbor witness. But now I was faced with some black and white proof that something had caused Farrah to spend 655.54 on new tires for her Nissan.

As I said yesterday, it is hard to prove that something didn't happen. Farrah and her wonderful Hubby, Arlie, put up (as in put up or shut up)a receipt from a real tire company with real, if heavily blacked out, information and had me questioning my investigation. They proved beyond any doubt that her tires were changed on her 2003 Nissan. That is real evidence. That makes a definite statement. Hardcore unadulterated proof.

What could I do? I called one of the stores which I found by going to their website (www.tires.com)and talked to one of their helpful employees. I stated to him that I was confirming work had been done on a vehicle on Saturday November 6, 2004. He asked if I had the invoice number which I did (Thanks Farrah). He looked it up and confirmed beyond any doubt that indeed Farrah had purchased 4 new tires and paid the afforementioned ammount.

Man, was I slammed.

"Wait a minute," said the helpful young man, "did you say November 6?" Yes I did I told him. "No, they weren't replaced on the sixth." Really? "They were replaced yesterday, the tenth."


I asked him if he was sure and he told me he was. He also told me the work wasn't done at his store but kindly gave me the number to the store where it was. 480-951-9126. The Pavillion location at 9199 E. Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale Arizona.

I called them next and spoke to the exceedingly friendly Jason. He again confirmed the work was done (at their store) on November 10, 2004. Why, I asked, were the tires replaced. He didn't know but he would let me talk to Jack, who sold them to the customer. Jack came on the line and I asked him if the car had to be towed to his location. He said no. I asked him if there was any visible signs of damage to the tires. He said no. I then asked him why Farrah wanted them replaced. He said because the right rear tire kept going down for no reason and she just wanted them all replaced. I asked him if the tire was flat or low when she came in. He said no.

I then asked to speak to Jason again. I asked him if it would be possible to fax me a copy of the invoice to a fax number. He said, "It's on the way."

Things to notice. I have blacked out Farrah's personal information. I have not blacked out the store location and I have left some other things unblacked to prove that this is a different document. At the top is the fax transmittal data from AZ. It states the time as 8:27a. I have highlighted the pertinent information. This is a reprint of the original so there is no signature. The invoice number at the top is different but the highlighted information shows the original invoice number and the date original date of work 11-10-2004. Farrah or Arlie or both changed the line at the top to reflect an earlier date.

To those of you who think I photoshopped or altered her document, I don't think I will be able to convince you otherwise. To those of you who wanted proof. Here it is. I invite any of you on the fence to call any one of the Discount Tire locations and ask them to pull up Invoice #1512270 and verify when the work was done. They will be happy to help you.

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