Do not commit violence acts in the name of political revenge

Farrah at Cam Edwards website just posted that someone vandalized her vehicle by smashing out the windows, stealing electronics, slashing all her tires and writing ant-bush messages on it. If this in fact happened (sorry Farrah, but we have been duped by the right too many times with stories like this (Phil Parlock anyone?), it is completely reprehensible and will only justify, in some people's minds, further acts of violence. I would like some proof (i.e. pictures) to confirm her story.

This kind of thing can get people hurt or killed. Believe me, anyone who comes to my property with any malevolent intent to hurt my family or property will face the full ramifications of a pissed off liberal with 2nd ammendment rights and devices.

Farrah is actually one of the more reasonable posters on Cam's. Farrah, sorry someone on my side did this, I don't agree with it and I don't condone it. Neither do the majority of liberals or Kerry supporters. There is an asshole in every crowd (you have your Kevins) but don't paint everyone on that side with the same asshair paintbrush.

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