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So that's it, then. Like John Kerry says, it's time to get over it. Move on. Get on with our lives and our jobs -- let the healing begin.

Sounds good, John. But I don't intend to budge until all the votes are counted, because when I started this journey I committed for the long haul. Jumping ship to avoid putting the country through the "agony" of investigating and challenging another sordid election coup de`etat would never occur to me -- especially if I had 17,000 lawyers fired up and ready to do battle. If, as you said, this was the single most important election in our lifetime -- our one last shot at salvaging democracy -- it looks like you could have, as a minimum, hung around until the results were in.
Maybe you'd have to stand in line for two hours in a frigid, blowing rain like I did, John, to understand the determination to do whatever it takes to cast a vote in Jim Inhofe Country where Democratic votes don't count. Or, maybe you should mingle among the millions of others throughout the nation -- the youth, women, Hispanics, Blacks, et al, that you alone inspired to endure gruelling hours in long lines because you awakened them to the truth that four more years of George Bush would make their lives, their jobs and healing impossible?

Read it all here: Information Clearing House

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