Hey Cam

You can thank me and Bruce for the increased traffic on your website. It looked really anemic there for a while. I am amazed that you can't get more posts, what with your national audience and everything (does a webcast count as a national audience?)

I really though Bruce had a stunningly accurate assessment of what you have become:

Cam in particular deserves a big "Fuck You", because he's smart enough to know better but is too addicted to their money to have a conscience. He's the used car salesman of the right wing, paid to push lemons on unsuspecting people, smug in his own ability to manipulate people with words.

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: cam only has a voice in radio because his opinion is useful to the people who have power. Let's see how many people give him a pulpit if he ever decides to grow a soul and speak for people who really need a voice. Cam takes the easy route that people like him have taken throughout the history of our society. He has his mouth firmly wrapped around the organ of power and is sucking like crazy for what little cash they'll throw his way.

Used car salesman, that cracks me up. I kinda like right wing crack whore too (that one is mine Bruce). From what I understand, Bruce it ain't that much money, which makes it all the more pathetic (and more crack whore-like).

Just one question Cam, how do you sleep at night knowing you support the party that tried to disenfranchise people of the same race as your step-daughter and step-son?

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