Mourning Over - Time to Kick ASS!

Okay conservatives, my period of mourning is over. I am ready to fight again. What has inspired me you might ask? Well, a number of things. My post on Democratic Underground has one of the highest number of responses ever. I got tired of Democrats saying they were going to leave America and give up. So I wrote a little piece that goes something like this:

My name is Steven Joseph Vincent

...and I refuse to be afraid to speak my mind in my own country.

I served my country in the military for 5 years. I wore the uniform. I was willing to sacrifice my life for the ideals this country was founded on. I will not be cowed by the bullies who run this country or the partisan cowards who support them.

As I write this, tears stream down my cheeks. Tears for the men and women who are dying in our name. Tears for poor and hard working Americans who may never get out of poverty. Tears for the hateful racist, mysogynistic, homophobic nation we appear to be. Tears for my daughter and the children of this country. Tears of anger.

Take my name. Write it down. Do with it what you will you fucking freepers and government agents.

I will not hide behind an alias. I will not be ashamed of my party affilliation or my political beliefs. I will not quietly stand by as my country is diminished.

I AM NOT AFRAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And neither should my 55 million compatriots who proudly stood up and said, "Enough."

This is my country and I will fight for her.

I will fight goddammit.
Read the responses of Americans; old and young, men and women, Veterans and pacifists, Moms and Dads. These people are not afraid to take on this administration and it's arrogant proponents and neither am I. BRING...IT...ON!

Now go ahead and make fun of me all of you brave conservative posters who continue to hide behind aliases. You know what? I don't care what you think. I have an army of like minded people (55 million) who believe as I do. You say you have a mandate. I say you have a narrow victory. You think you won. I think America lost. History shall tell but I for one am not backing down and not giving up.

You want my country, you can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands.

By the way, Chris Heinz said this about my thread on DU:

In the meantime, thanks DU for your passion. And last night, for your courage. The "my name is" thread was perhaps the most powerful, courageous and cathartic I have ever seen.

Good night,

Chris Heinz

Chris Heinz for those who don't know is the proud son of Teresa Heinz Kerry and the proud step-son of John Kerry, the American patriot and war hero. A true class act, the entire family. Sorry we will not have the opportunity to find out how they could have changed this country.

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