Oh Farrah, where art thou?

Well it has been one week since we have heard from Farrah. She has not posted anything on Cam's website nor has she or her verbose husband posted anything here. I guess they are hunkered down with Mark Geragos plotting the civil/criminal charges they will file against me. I have a cadre of high powered attorneys standing by on retainer ready to bury them in legal paperwork and motions should the need arise (okay, not really but I am recording Judge Judy and CSI to review just in case).

I wonder if Cam or Farrah will ever take responsibility for the mistakes they made. Cam is obviously in the ignore mode and, contrary to popular belief, I have no idea nor do I care what Farrah is doing with herself.

It would be nice if the personal responsibility crowd took some, just once.

The conservatives have learned that if you get caught screwing up you:

1. Lie.
2. Blame the other side.
3. Change the rules (See Congress and Tom Delay's possible indictment).
4. Lie some more.
5. Ignore the problem and or pretend it never happened.

Hypocrisy is completely lost somewhere in the shuffle to be self important and superior. It must be nice to be infallible, like the guy from Rome in the funny hat.

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