The Prosecution Rests

How does one prove something didn't happen? It is very difficult but it can be done. Maybe not beyond a reasonable doubt but certainly by a preponderance of the evidence. I have provided names and telephone numbers of the officials I have contacted repeatedly. Here they are again for those interested.

Sgt. Linvaugh - Phoenix Police Department HQ
Sgt. Mark Huish - Ahwatukee Hills Precinct mark.huish@phoenix.gov

Here are the neighbors I spoke to:

Neighbor #130
Neighbor #126
Neighbor #104 (Incorrectly referred to as "#102" previously)

Here is how I located them: Reverse Address

And I assure you I spoke to all three, I told them my name and that I was investigating an alleged vandalism in their neighborhood for a story I was writing. None of them witnessed anything on that Friday night or Saturday morning. They all said they would know if something like that happened.

People in Phoenix are quite friendly.

I could post their information but they are all innocent bystanders to a non-event. They were friendly, helpful, honest non-interested parties who told the truth that I have relayed exactly as I recieved it.

Here is my undercover operative in Phoenix: Codename Stalker

(Just kidding, I would never expose an undercover agent, I am not in the Bush administration)

While it is obvious to anyone with half a brain and a healthy dose of intellectual curiosity that the events as described (and re-described, and re-explained, and revised and edited) did not happen, it is impossible to prove anything to the satisfaction of those who refuse to think logically, critically or truthfully.

It may be very hard to prove that something didn't happen, but it is incredibly easy to prove that something did. There is always physical evidence left at a crime scene. There is always evidence of the aftermath and the required actions to replace or repair physical objects that were damaged. The constant refusal by Farrah to present anything that would bolster her claim speaks volumes.

I invite any of you who are sincerely interested to contact Sgt. Mark Huish from the Phoenix Police Department Awhatukee Hills Precinct (Farrah's Neighborhood Precinct contrary to what her "hubby" has repeatedly mistated). Ask him about the alleged vandalism, ask him if he spoke to me, ask him if he believes it happened. He is an incredibly professional and publicly minded Police Officer who cares deeply about what happens in his precinct.

One last poke. If that is Farrah's "hubby" positing all these rebuttals and attacks against my character, I invite him to tell me how my undercover operative contacted him on Sunday. It should have been obvious and it should have been used by him by now against me. Come on Farrah, "Farrah's Hubby"? That is the best you could do. I liked that one better when it was used Juan Epstein on "Welcome Back Kotter".


Steven's Wifey

p.s. I am following up on one last lead. I will update if neccessary.

Until then, I have nothing further. The prosecution rests.

p.s.s. Now Cam's site can return to it's slow painful drought of comments, hits, and interest.

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