A Turkey's Tale

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I don't think I have ever posted anything as controversial or as attention getting as the Bush and the turkey picture. At the request of one of my readers, I have researched it and found out some interesting facts.

The presentation of a turkey to the President dates back to Harry S. Truman (he apparently petted it, beginning that sordid tradition).

Kennedy got one in 1963 but, for once, he kept his hands to himself.

Nixon's turkey looked a little roughed up.

Ford had the audacity to try to talk to the turkey over the cold dead frozen corpse of one of his relatives.

There was some sort of embarassing group grope of the poor animal lead by Reagan in 1988.

George H. W. Bush kept a safe distance between himself and the obviously angry turkey in 1991 (although he later approached it and cautiously gave it a wooden pat).

Clinton felt the turkey's pain (and juicy breast) but in an unfortunate mixup, later cooked and ate the bird prompting a $43 million dollar independent counsel investigation.

A confused George W. Bush attempted to communicate with the bird in 2002 and went back to the uncomfortable stroking in 2004.

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