Vandalism that wasn't update.

Well, things have gotten pretty nasty. I have been accused of being a stalker and a liar and of having too much time on my hands (I don't really I just spend too much time doing this type of thing when I should be doing something productive).

Cam Edwards has impugned my credibility:

I have to doubt your credibility in reporting this, given your track record in lying about me. You've stated that I'm "begging" for my job back in Oklahoma City, that I'm (depending on the situation) either making a ton of "blood money" or not much money at all. You've already shown me that you have no problem lying about someone in order to try and take them down a few notches

First of all, I didn't claim you were trying to get your job back, I quoted a source I know in the AM radio field who did. I don't recall saying Cam was making "blood money" but maybe I did. I did say he didn't make much money based on a comment he made a while back. What I think of Cam is an opinion not a claim of fact, although the two aren't mutually exclusive. I don't see how either of those damages my credibility. Cam chose not to answer any of the questions posed by my investigation. That is his perogative. It is also his credibility that he has chosen not to defend with some easily obtained proof (i.e. receipts, photos, etc.).

Farrah's mystery hubby who goes by the name - Farrah's Hubby - has been quite vocal and loquacious in defending her. He fails to address many of the contradictions his "wife" has presented. This has been pointed out by conservative, moderate and liberal minds alike.

Let's see, in direct contradiction to what Farrah wrote in her vandalism post; there was no 911 call, no officer Brown, no surveillance video (which means no Kerry/Edwards sticker with a peeling corner, no Wendys hamburger, no license plate and no closeup of that little bastard "Brian's" face), no police report, no photographs taken, no arrest, and, apparently, no receipts to show any of this took place. Further, Farrah's husband sees no need to file any kind of report with the authorities (police or insurance) to seek re-reimbursement for thousands of dollars worth of electronics. Uh huh.

Then we are asked to believe that a neighbor witnessed the near complete destruction of Farrah's vehicle at the hands of a carload of kids in the middle of the night and did not call the police, even though she caught "Brian" practically "red handed".
We are asked to believe a cop "friend" from a neighboring city, not precinct, was called after a horribly destructive and politically motivated attack was made on Farrah's vehicle. This "friend", who is a cop, came to a neighboring city (where he would have very little authority and a great deal of liability if things went wrong), found "Brian" based on the lazy ass neighbor-who didn't bother to call the cops-description and negotiated a meeting between "Brian's" parents a short time later at which all was resolved except for the matter of thousands of dollars worth of electronics, which "Brian" says he didn't steal and, of course, Farrah believes him and drops the matter completely. Phew!

Cam has chosen to believe this amazing story over the facts presented him. I guess conservatives talk personal responsibility but don't necessarily feel the need to actual use it when they are so obviously busted.

I leave you with the words of our fair maiden, Farrah, as posted on Cam's website on her debut there in September:

I love to debate, and I love to argue (pity the husband). I enjoy challenging people and the status quo. I will always be the first to take responsibility when things go wrong and the last to take credit for something that went right. I am not afraid to say I was wrong, or that I am sorry.

Uh, Okay.

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