Whatever happened to responsibility?

What happened to all of the hateful right wing asshats who accused me of lying, defaming Farrah, and being a pathetic loser who couldn't win a political discussion and had to resort to making up stories?

Where is the personal responsibility we hear so much about from the right? Where is the accountability? Where is the "ownership society"? Where is the fair play and responsibility for ones own actions?

Like most right wing traits, it appears to be a lie or an exaggeration or it only applies to the other side. I can't believe how two-faced and hypocritical they are and in such a blatant way. On second thought, why wouldn't I believe it with the overwhelming evidence provided on a daily basis?

If and when Cam ever decides to address this issue, I hope his lurkers and toadies that look here will ask him why he felt the need to shut down all comments on the subject at the exact moment his contributor was proved to be lying.

I wonder if Farrah will return or will she, like all proven right wing liars, disappear with nary an explanation or apology. Or will they continue on as if the whole sordid event never happened?

Time will tell if there is someone on the right will finally take responsibility for their mistakes or it will all be whitewashed and verboten from this point forward.

Cam's credibility has taken a major hit because of his support and vigorous defense of this lie. He can salvage some of it by coming clean and apologizing on behalf of his subordinate but that kind of responsibility has been long gone from the right and I don't expect it to be revived by someone who makes his living by defending the same actions in right-wingers on a national scale.

This fictional account of what an evil left wing spawn did to Farrah's vehicle was indicative of a continuing effort on the right to propagandize the left. To define us all as cheaters, liars and criminals. It is a dangerous precedent that has been repeated time and time again and has grown ever bolder with each successful lie. I am glad this time it was shut down and proved beyond any doubt to be an intentional lie. It didn't take me long or much effort to expose this fraud.

The media (liberal media?) has long ago abandoned any responsibility to be the watchdog responsible for detecting and exposing these frauds so it is now up to the blogosphere to do so. What we don't have in financial means we make up for in sheer determination and will.

Thanks to all who supported me in this venture and shame on all those who attacked me ruthlessly even when it became apparent the object of your defense was not telling the truth. I don't need an apology, but a nice gift from Amazon.com would go a long way in re-establishing civility.

PB Sterling (pbsterling@yahoo.com) can give you my address from over a year ago but maybe it will be forwarded to my new one. I wear an X-Large shirt, am fond of left wing writers and documentaries, and I enjoy exotic foods. Please keep it under $50 so as not to influence my objectivity.

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