Why do they taunt me so?

Conservatives will never pluck that plank of wood out of their own eye, but constantly point out the splinter in mine. That makes me, as they are so found of pointing out, angry.

What do you do when people ignore the evidence you have compiled, or worse mock it and you?

Get more and better evidence.

How do you prove something didn't happen? Go to the source of where it didn't happen. I just got off the phone with a gentleman, let's call him 102, who would, according to him, have been an eyewitness to the aftermath of any vandalism to a vehicle on a Phoenix street on or about Saturday morning, early. 102 also assures me that an incident as heinous as that described would surely have been the talk of the "pods". 102 did advise me that he had seen some shoe polish on a vehicle in the neighborhood that said, "Mandate my ass!". It was on an SUV but it appeared to have been placed there by the owner (Yay, liberal affluent people) I spoke to a very nice lady, let's call her 130. She also would have been in the immediate area of the alleged vehicle attack very early on Saturday morning and later that same day. She also, she assures me, would have been extremely aware if anything like that had happened in their affluent neighborhood. I also spoke to another young lady, let's call her 126. She was not aware of any partisan political or harmless boyhood pranks taking place this last weekend. She was very sure.

I will continue to probe this because the lack of responsibility on the other side has fostered a personal attack against my character. Next stop. Who knows?

Farrah, do the right thing and retract this now ridiculous allegation. Cam, do the right thing and hold her accountable and investigate it yourself.

The truth will set you free.

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