The End of Conservative Fighter

After giving it much thought, I have decided to end Conservative Fighter for a while. After all of the energy and time I put into the build up to the election and the wasted time I have spent arguing with conservatives, I have decided that my energy would be better spent trying to make actual improvements in people's lives.

I do enjoy debate but the continuing arguments between the polar opposites in politics has become fruitless and unwinnable for the most part. I usually end up preaching to the choir and fighting those who disagree with me with sometimes vitriolic results.

I will be making one last update around the middle of January. Until then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Yule, Kwanzaa, Channukah, or just a joyful time with your families at the end of this fascinating, frustrating and ultimately vibrant and enjoyable year.

For those of you who know my future plans, I ask that you please keep them to yourself until after January 15th.



Baby Blues

Sorry about the lack of updates (and phone calls to the local friends). Having a new baby in the house is harder than I remembered. The brain washing capabilities endowed to babies is in full effect. 2 to 3 hours of interrupted sleep at a time, intermitent loud noises, forced catering to our new leaders every whim (must serve the little leader, must serve the little leader) and the like have completely depleted my will to write.

I will try to put something here ever few days but I will have to check with the little leader first. He is asleep now (sure, stay up all night then sleep all day while I have to do stuff, it is kinda like being the personal assistant to a petulant, self centered, pint sized egotistical rock star. But he sure is cute).

The cuteness thing is another little trick mother nature plays on you. She makes them adorable so you forgive all of their bad character traits. If human babies looked like baby birds, I don't think the majority would make it to puberty.



Big Unit Comes Out

Check out Big Unit's new blog. He claims it is a common sense look at the world through his eyes. So far it is a little too conservative for my liking but it is a good place to argue.

Hurry and go to it before the secular liberals shut it down.

Seriously, good luck with it BU, I wish you success.



Abuses at Abu Graib Continued After Revelation to U.S. Public

DECEMBER 7--Weeks after the disclosure of the abuse of detainees at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison, Department of Defense officials reported continuing brutalization of Iraqi insurgents at the hands of military interrogators, according to a just released memo. When Defense Intelligence Agency officials objected to the treatment, they were allegedly threatened and told to shut up by the interrogators, wrote DIA chief Lowell E. Jacoby in a June 25 memo to Stephen Cambone, the Pentagon's under secretary of defense for intelligence. The document, which you'll find below, was released by the American Civil Liberties Union, which obtained the document via a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government. Among the abuse cited in the memo, the DIA workers reported seeing a Special Operations interrogator "punch a prisoner in the face to the point the individual needed medical attention." After a DIA worker took photos of the injured Iraqi, the images were confiscated by his superior in the Special Ops unit known as Task Force 6-26.
Secret Government Documents released by ACLU Lawsuit

via The Smoking Gun

But what the fuck? Torturing people is okay if we think they may be terrorists...right?

Marine Gives Marriage the Finger

VICTORVILLE, California (AP) -- When Marine Lance Cpl. David Battle learned he'd either have to sacrifice his ring finger or the wedding band he wore, he told doctors at a field hospital in Iraq to cut off the finger.

Then after his sacrifice to love, the stupid doctors lost the ring. It is like the gift of the Magi except with blood and sutures.



Why Did Kerik Bow Out?

Bernard Kerik
, the hard charging New York City Cop with the tough guy persona, abruptly withdrew his nomination for the head of the Homeland Security Department on Friday. Kerik, who was abandoned by his drug addicted prostitute mother as a child, rose to prominence in New York as a street cop, undercover detective, bodyguard of Rudy Guilliani, Prison administrator, NYPD police commissioner and most recently the failed occupation authority police head of Iraq. He has made as many enemies during his controversial career as admirers.

Rumors have been swirling about possible improprieties regarding Kerik since his nomination.

The official reason given for his withdrawal was a newly discovered "problem" with a former housekeeper nanny who may not have been a legal immigrant and for whom taxes may not have been properly paid. Not acceptable behavior on the part of someone heading an agency that enforces immigration law.

A newly discovered problem may have also contributed. Kerik has an arrest warrant issued by a New Jersey judge in 1998 that has never been resolved. The warrant was issued for actions related to a condo payment dispute for property Kerik owned.

The other issue causing the speculation is the 6 million dollars earned by Kerik from the Taser Corporation, manufacturer of the hand held stun guns used by police departments. When Kerik headed the NYPD, it ordered millions of dollars worth of the company's product. In 2002, when he left the NYPD, he was appointed a board postition on the company and given stocks. He sold the stocks last month and netted 6 million dollars. Not a bad profit for a man who never invested any of his own money into the company.

Kerik is like many in the Bush administration. A tough guy persona with a take no prisoners attitude. But on further examination, the tough persona hides a myriad of faults and problems. I am sure the Bush administration would have either overlooked these problems had they exclusively known about them or worse never have thoroughly investigated the background of someone who would head up the (theoretically) most important government agency protecting us from the terrorist scourge.

Remember when we spent 70 million taxpayer dollars investigating a $100,000 profit made by a former first lady who actually invested some of her own money into the deal? Those figures have been rendered quaint by the corruption, influence peddling, scandals and profiteering blatantly practiced by members of this administration.

Thank God, we have a good Christian man in the Whitehouse who believes in accountability (for everyone except him, his immediate family, his extended family, his staff, his administration, his allies, his cronies, his contributors, his business associates, his foreign supporters and his nominees).



Small Town Elementary School Nearly Destroys Christianity

The evil secular pagans in charge of Lakehoma Elementary School in the center of Wiccan and Heathen worship, Mustang Oklahoma, nearly destroyed Christianity, the 2000 year old religion by removing portions of a 5th grade play that included a nativity scene and the song "Silent Night".

The complete dismantling of the billion member plus religion began when satanic Superintendent, Karl Springer and schoolboard attorneys, decided to remove the Christian references in the annual school play, elements which portrayed Christianity as the one true religion.

The Pope and Billy Graham could not be reached for comment (they were presumably in heavy prayer and meditation trying to save the religion and spare Mustang and the world the wrath of God...again).

There have been unconfirmed reports that the play did include witches, Jews, and black people (Kwaanza-ites) portrayed by fifth graders intent on turning their classmates into Godless Pagans.

Despite the fact that there will be hundreds of thousands of Christ oriented productions at churches, schools and community theaters across this nation in the next few weeks, this one incident shook the very foundations of Christianity to it's unstable core.


Apparently, to save Christianity and Christmas, the song "Silent Night" was restored to the play. Christianity was saved once again by the grace of God and the fifth grade daughter of Shelley Lewallen.



And now a word from Big Unit...

Separate This

By Big Unit

What's going on in Mustang, Oklahoma?

I would like to say that I do not believe that separation of church and state exists to the extent that most people believe it does. For example, if the fire department decorates for Christmas and includes a nativity scene I do not feel they are forcing me to be Christian. If they put up decorations relating to other religions I wouldn't be offended or feel pressure to join that religion. However, if they put up a sign that stated Believe in Christ or your we will let your house burn down that establishes a law respecting an establishment of religion. (What the First Amendment actually states).

Relating to the Christmas, pardon me, Holiday play at Mustang Lakehoma Elementary School; I agree that after talking about other traditions and religions they shouldn't say that Christianity is the only true religion (that is the understanding I have of the original play). Instead of changing the play to give all traditions and religions equal billing Superintendent Karl Springer totally removed the Christian portion of the program rather than risk offending someone or having a complaint filed. How does that make sense? Instead of a common sense solution that wouldn't have offended any reasonable person, Springer opted for a plan that, especially in Mustang, Oklahoma, might offend a majority of the citizens. How about using some common sense and giving equal billing to all traditions and religions (of course how could they include all of them and would they have to include the beliefs of al Qaeda?) or to drop the play all together.

"The phrase "wall of separation" entered the lexicon of American constitutional law in the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Reynolds v. United States (1879). Opining that the missive "may be accepted almost as an authoritative declaration of the scope and effect of the [First A]mendment thus secured," the Court reprinted a flawed transcription of the Danbury letter. Most scholars agree that the wall metaphor played no role in the Court's decision. Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite, who authored the opinion, was drawn to another clause in Jefferson's text, but he could not edit the letter artfully to leave out the figurative phrase. The Chief Justice relied on Jefferson's statement that the powers of civil government could reach men's actions only, not their opinions. The Reynolds Court was focused on the legislative powers of Congress to criminalize the Mormon practice of polygamy and was apparently drawn to this passage because of the mistranscription of "legitimate powers" as "legislative powers". But for this erroneous transcription, the Court might have had little or no interest in the Danbury letter, and the wall metaphor might not have entered the American legal lexicon." Taken from "How Thomas Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" Redefined Church-State Law and Policy" by Daniel L. Dreisbach.

Check out national bestseller "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer to learn more about the start of Mormonism and it's radical sects.

There is a lot of information out there on this subject but hey this is a blog not a research paper. I just want some common sense in this world.

Just as a side note; the schools sure don't have a problem promoting the land run or Columbus day which are offensive to Native Americans.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful (and not so much)

While reading some of the comments related to the last poll (Are you an evangelical?), a question popped into my sleep deprived new dad head:

Has religion done more harm or good to the planet and people since it's inception?

I tend to come down on the side of harm. Wars have been fought billions of lives lost, hate, holocausts, inquisitions, burnings, torture, genocide, Jerry Falwell and many other horrible things have been unleashed on society as a direct result of religion.

As I grow older, I try to find out more about that which I dislike. I have never been a fan of churches. I was born into the Catholic church, born again in the Southern Baptist church and became a pagan heathen shortly after reaching puberty I(where I have happily remained since). I find most fanatical religions and parishioners extremely frightening. The one constant in all fanaticals is that glazed look in the eyes, the empty smile and the feeling of superiority.

Living in the U.S. I am most exposed to and repulsed by Christianity. I have done a little research and found that I do like and am fascinated by Jesus Christ, it is just what his followers have done to his teachings in the last 2000 years that has me riled up. If Jesus came back today he would be shocked at the attitudes and arrogance of many of those who practice religion in his name. He would throw the rich preachers out of their multi-million dollars church/malls and treat them with the same disdain he showed to the money changers in the temple.

He would, once again, try to teach people about loving your enemies, lifting up the downtrodden, reaching out to the sickest and most degraded, renouncing hate and forgoing wealth and materialism for spiritual fulfillment...

Then he would be crucified again by the same people who proclaim their love for him by wearing WWJD bracelets and putting decals of Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes) kneeling in front of a cross and, oh yeah, the marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman bumper stickers.

Evangelicals today post more of a threat to our American freedoms than terrorists, porn, meteors and the ACLU combined. The ones I have talked to are hateful people. Truly hate filled. They hate gays, Muslims, Jews, Middle Easterners, Mexicans, the poor; in short they hate anyone who is different than them. They hate the same people Christ compelled them to love. They want a homogenized sameness to America. They want us all to worship their Christ or to get the fuck out. They want to enforce their code of ethics on the world or kill those who refuse to go along. They pray for people to be killed in explosions. They sound more and more like the Al Quaeda nuts and the real scary thing is they are not that far apart theologically. One just thinks their imaginary friend is more powerful than the other guy's (thanks Justin).

I do believe religion has accomplished a myriad of good and in it's purest form it inspires mankind to do what is right and use our humanity to make the world better. Unfortunately, we have gotten so far away from the original purity and tainted it with greed, evil, narcissism, hypocrisy, politics, and vanity that it may never be returned to a useful tool for the betterment of this world.

Maybe in the next life.



Telemarketers Fight Back

I hate telemarketers. I think it is one of the worst jobs to do but I have lost my empathy for the poor suckers doing it. I had one get snippy with me the other night when, after being offered his terrific deal on travel, I said I wasn't interested. I told him twice I wasn't interested and on the third time, I asked to speak to his boss. He hung up on me after making a smartass comment.

A lady in Detroit has recieved the next level of telemarketer rage. She was sent a threatening letter after hanging up on one.

Jill Beyer, of Waterford Township, Mich., said she received the letter about one week after she refused to donate money in a recent call from a telemarketer.

"He wanted a donation for the veterans' association, which the veterans don't get that much of that money. That's why I wouldn't donate to him," Beyer said.

The letter arrived postmarked from El Paso, Texas.

Here is the full text:

Jill Beyer,

Before you are rude to another telemarketer, you should keep in mind that he or she has your phone number and your address.

Many of them live in your own state and most don't give a fuck!

So, Ms. Beyer, the next time a telemarketer calls and you don't want to be bothered, a simple "not interested" will do.

Your son or daughter or next-door neighbor's daughter could very well be a telemarketer. A handicapped, wheelchair-bound person could be a telemarketer. A biker or ex-con is more likely to be a telemarketer. You really, really shouldn't fuck with them!

As they say in the telemarketing industry, "Have a good day Ms. Beyer!"

From KCRA Channel 3

The Slow Painful Death of a Conservative Website

Well things have gotten ugly over at Cam's site (which I will no longer link to). What is happening at Cam's is indicative of what will happen to the Republican party if they don't change their ways. A feeling of moral superiority has led to a culture of arrogance. Arrogance begats infallibility. Infallibility leads to corruption. Corruption makes way for revolt.

Cam has allowed a few people to hijack his site. He let Farrah continue to write for him even after she was exposed here as a liar. His refusal to hold her accountable or to even acknowledge that a fraud took place abetted by his site makes him as responsible for the lie as she is. He has also allowed Kevin, a notorious loudmouth moron, to run off most of his regular posters. Even the most even tempered and politically impartial have felt the psychotic rambling wrath of Norman's most impotent driving school instructor. Longtime members of Cam's site have begged him to hold Kevin accountable and he has refused. In doing so, he has lost his core. His site, which once posted hundreds of comments a day, has dwindled to 3 or 4 comments by the same 3 or 4 people.

I used to like Cam and was a guest once on his show in OKC. He seemed like a good guy. I don't like him anymore. He has become an arrogant prick who has abandoned his longtime friends in favor of his partisan political mission. He has become a believer in his own propoganda. Imitating the Bush administration by surrounding himself with sycophants and yes men/women who give him gifts from his ridiculous wish list to stay in his good favor and then expect his unwaivering support especially when they are wrong (what kind of arrogance does it take to beg for gifts and actually accept them from complete strangers?).

NRA radio (Cam's current employer), in my opinion, was a yearlong partisan political advertisement that has achieved it's goal. I wouldn't be surprised if the NRA gradually faded the longest infomercial in history into oblivion.

I have been personally attacked for pointing out the lies and hypocrisy of the right wing (especially on his site). I have been called a traitor, liar, stalker, psycho, America hater, terrorist, socialist and many many other names. No one has ever proved any of these things because they are not true. If I make a claim here it is true. If I post my opinion or a parody then I leave it up to my informed readers to tell the difference. If I make a mistake or I am wrong, I admit it. That is the difference between much of the left and most of the right. Accountablility.

So to Cam I bid you adieu (I know how much the rightwing hates french). My short term hope for you is failure and unemployment. My long term hope is that you learn something from your mistakes and someday use your talent for something more useful than being a tool for the rightwing propoganda machine.

To Cam's disenfranchised readers, I welcome you here and hope you will stay and add some of the intellectual and insightfull comments which made Cam's such a vibrant and entertaining place. I love to debate and welcome all political ideas as long as they are argued with intellect and not vitriol (but I occassionally enjoy a little gutterfight).

To Kevin, I am still awaiting your instructions on when and where to deliver your signed copy of "Why Bush will Lose in November". You really seemed to want it, until I offered to bring it to you. What's the matter Kevin, not scared of a little old socialist, American hating, anti-Christian, traitoruous, homosexual loving liberal are you?

Here are some of Cam's old posters who have sites that are far superior and portray many different political ideals in rational truthful forums (100% Kevin Free):

Homer's Brain
Smack My Booty
Have Spacesuit Will Travel



Home Safe

Well we all made it. Momma, Daddy, Big Sis, and Little Brother are all back at the palatial estate. Hospitals are okay for about 24 hours and then it is just constant annoyance. I think they do it on purpose just like a waiter when you have stayed too long at Chilis.

Everyone is doing great. The pain prescription is filled. We even put up the Christmas tree tonight.

Thanks to everyone who sent your well wishes and prayers we do appreciate them.

Okay enough mushy stuff, now it is time to get back to fightin' and cussin and getting banned from conservative websites.

I still don't understand why I got banned from Cam's website for telling the truth and Kevin is still there crapping all over everyone with his illogical and emotionally retarded compulsive outbursts and he does so with impunity. Maybe Kevin has something on Cam (pictures of a crazy night at the republican convention, too much to drink, two compatible balding sexually repressed men, a grazing touch...).

I am going to be doing a Point/Counter Point type feature soon although I will probably call it; I am correct/You're a fucking moron. I think I have my first conservative foil chosen. What do you say, Big Unit? Wanna rumble with the Conservative Fighter?



Son of Conservative Fighter

Wyatt Dallas Vincent
Born 1:47 pm December 2, 2004
7 lbs 12 oz 20"


Daddy's Boy

Big Sis

Resting Comfortably

Here We Go

By the end of this day, my family will have increased by 33%.

We got up at 4:15 am to get ready to go to the hospital. I am writing this while my wife, Michelle, is blow drying her hair. It is 5:01am. I will be bringing along a laptop to document the day ahead.

Thanks to everyone who has sent good wishes and prayers. They are appreciated.

Talk to you again soon.




For the Lesbian on your List

A new product directed at the gay women's market is available for the first time this year.

Dyke Dolls are for the girls who couldn't identify with that slut Barbie and her mysteriously coiffed "boyfriend" Ken. These Bobbie Dolls don't play dress up (unless you consider wearing a strap-on dressing up) but they do come in three different styles; Doc Holiday, Rockabilly and Diesel Dyke.

Play with your own lesbian is the tagline of the company.

Priced at $65 each not including "accessories".

Rockabilly Bobbie


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