Baby Blues

Sorry about the lack of updates (and phone calls to the local friends). Having a new baby in the house is harder than I remembered. The brain washing capabilities endowed to babies is in full effect. 2 to 3 hours of interrupted sleep at a time, intermitent loud noises, forced catering to our new leaders every whim (must serve the little leader, must serve the little leader) and the like have completely depleted my will to write.

I will try to put something here ever few days but I will have to check with the little leader first. He is asleep now (sure, stay up all night then sleep all day while I have to do stuff, it is kinda like being the personal assistant to a petulant, self centered, pint sized egotistical rock star. But he sure is cute).

The cuteness thing is another little trick mother nature plays on you. She makes them adorable so you forgive all of their bad character traits. If human babies looked like baby birds, I don't think the majority would make it to puberty.

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