Home Safe

Well we all made it. Momma, Daddy, Big Sis, and Little Brother are all back at the palatial estate. Hospitals are okay for about 24 hours and then it is just constant annoyance. I think they do it on purpose just like a waiter when you have stayed too long at Chilis.

Everyone is doing great. The pain prescription is filled. We even put up the Christmas tree tonight.

Thanks to everyone who sent your well wishes and prayers we do appreciate them.

Okay enough mushy stuff, now it is time to get back to fightin' and cussin and getting banned from conservative websites.

I still don't understand why I got banned from Cam's website for telling the truth and Kevin is still there crapping all over everyone with his illogical and emotionally retarded compulsive outbursts and he does so with impunity. Maybe Kevin has something on Cam (pictures of a crazy night at the republican convention, too much to drink, two compatible balding sexually repressed men, a grazing touch...).

I am going to be doing a Point/Counter Point type feature soon although I will probably call it; I am correct/You're a fucking moron. I think I have my first conservative foil chosen. What do you say, Big Unit? Wanna rumble with the Conservative Fighter?

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